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GNC-2009-09-04 #508 Podcast Awards Call for Help

For the past 4 years Geek News Central Listeners have helped be the judges for the Podcast Awards. As always we are seeking out nearly 40 volunteers to help us judge the entries. We will need your help in the middle of October. If you can help out please email me at geeknews@gmail.com, sorry no podcasters can participate in the grading process. I have a jammed packed show for you tonight full of all the top tech and science news.

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Listener Links:
Amazing Article on how New York Times uses Blogs
Shuttle Rainbow
End of a Era
Spaceport Hawaii?
New Jersey Solar Initiatives.
Only in Hawaii hang my head!
Catch Phrases!
Twitter makes German Politicians Mad!
Be careful of that Garage Sale.

Show Links:
Is Basecamp Data Safe?
More App store silliness.
Podcasters don’t get sucked into Unlimited Hype
BackBlaze Pod (Best Article this year for a Geek)
MMS on Sept 25th bet it’s day AT&T gets Crushed?
Sony Walkman #1 in Japan!
Vonage / Dual Sim for iPhone.
Zune HD is Coming!
New Space Radar to track 600,000 objects!
Windows Taskbar for your Mac!
Google Surveys bye bye SurveyMonkey!
Keep your Windows PC Clean
Apache Foundation Hacked!
YouTube turns music back on in UK!
Windows 7 Launch Party!
YouTube to do PayPerView?
Twitter Scores Feedburner CEO
Microsoft Word Sales gets stay of Execution!
The Next 40 years of the Internet?
Patch Tuesday to be big as Ever!
Buy followers on Facebook?
Telcos want Broadband defined to slower speeds?
Men Loose there Minds!
MPAA wants Broadcast Flag rights!
Netflix voluntarily refunded money!