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Catch Notes for iOS, Android, Web Closing Down

Catch Notes Closing
Catch Notes Closing

Last year I reviewed Catch Notes, a way to not only take notes, but also tag and catalog those notes for quick reference. After a year and a half in production, Catch has decided to close the app.

The Evernote competitor had a small but good following to the app. It was available for both Android and iOS devices, along with a web interface. Catch had integration with Citrix Ready Worx Verified Program, amongst other partnerships. However, from their blog they wrote:

Catch has made the difficult decision to take the company in a different direction. As such, we will be terminating service next month. We value our users and have greatly enjoyed providing Catch to millions of people over the last several years, but it is time for us to move on.

Catch.com (formerly Snaptic) was founded in 2008 and had received $11.6 million in funding within the last 3 years.

If you are looking for an alternative to Catch, other notepad options include  OneNote, Simplenote or Springpad.

My Tree Lot Finder: Find Your Perfect Christmas Tree

My Tree Lot Finder
My Tree Lot Finder

Looking for that perfect holiday tree? The lots seem to pop up within 24 hours of Thanksgiving. But which one do you go to?

A new application has hit the Android market. My Tree Lot Finder ™ can help you find the best tree lots; those “Mom and Pop” lots that use quality trees for best selection. That way, you don’t have to search for hours to find that perfect tree.

The app helps you not only save time and money by locating the perfect tree, but also gives you care instructions for your new purchase. That way, if you are a N00b when it comes to trees, you don’t have to act like one.

“Have you ever headed out after dark to find that perfect tree?  Kids in tow?  The first lot you go to had nothing but dead and dried trees,” says Wayne Irving II, creator of My Tree Lot Finder. “ Wouldn’t it be nice to know where the next tree lot to you is?  So you are not driving further than you have to?”

You can search trees by Zipcode or just scour the map within the app. Target a lot and get driving directions. It will also let you know where the tree farms are and where the non-profit lots (like Boy Scouts, fund-raising lots, etc) are located.

Some lots also have other amenities, such as selling ornaments or if the tree farms have other cool events like hay or pony rides, if they also offer things like Yule logs, wreaths or more.

The application is only available for Android at this time. The parent company – Iconosys – is a member of the National Organization for Youth Safety (NOYS).

GNC #668 Show Dedicated to Derek Miller

Podcaster, Blogger, Friend Derek Miller passed away a couple of days ago and this show is dedicated to him. Please visit his webpage and read his self written obituary. Weird show tonight but I think you will have a lot of fun with me as we look at some of the absolutely ridiculous things happening in the tech space today.

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Show Notes:
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LastPass Breach not Last Straw.
LastPass Alternatives.
25k Contacts?
Einstein Validated again!
DHS told to pack Sand by Mozilla Foundation.
Netfliz Insights.
Cable Companies Winning?
Download.com Lawsuit over Limewire.
New Link farm Scam.
Plex on Roku!
Firefox tweaks!
Feedly Revamped?
Cloud versus Bandwidth Caps.
Ghost Dialing to Jail.
The so Obvious.
More Laptop Camera Spying!
Seal Team 6 Canine partners.
Antimater Captured.
7 Million for That?
More Sony Attacks?
Sony hires Security Firm?
Do not watch UBL Kill Movies!
New Leader in High Speed Internet?
Wordperfect Suit is back on?
Have a Spare 150 Million?
Spaceship 2 test flight continue.
Alan Shepard Insights.
Lawsuits for all my Enemies.
*** Gag Remote Kissing Invention ***
Facebook to buy Skype?
Over Air Updates for iOS?
Monkey Sign Language.
Who thought of this?
No More Boxes from Apple.
Wanna invest in Fusion?
Android App Store Movin on Up.
HP-12C at 30!
Lookee TV
iOS 4.3.3 Jailbroke.
Wave Accounting.
Rare Element Supply not so Critical?