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How Has the PC Changed the Face of America?

I have a favor ask of you. I am researching how the personal computer (PC) has affected the face of America. Specifically, I am interested in the PC’s effect on American culture and attitudes. For example, how has access to a PC affected behavior and expectations? To do this , I’m asking for your experiences that were brought on by the PC revolution.

My favor is to ask you to respond to a short, private survey that I’ve posted to the ITrain website. I want your opinions and experiences, and I will use your comments to select the first draft of interviewees about whom personal vignettes will be written. These personal stories will form the foundation of both my research and the book’s text.

This survey is open to the public, and I would appreciate your referring this survey to your acquaintances. I’m seeking a broad, diverse sampling of experiences; however, you, as information technology folk, are in the best position to evaluate the effect that the personal computer has had on our lives and the face of America.

The survey is posted to

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