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A Difference 5 Minutes Makes: YouTube Increases Time to 15


When I record video, I always seem to have a problem with that 10 minute limit on YouTube. If I couldn’t edit the video down, I would have to just forget the service and move on.

YouTube announced it’s going to 15 minutes last week that they now have the systems to handle longer videos. Therefore, they are increasing the limit to 15 minutes. Of course, partner channels get longer show times, but for those of us who are still waiting for that feature now have 5 extra minutes with our videos.

It’s the #1 request of content uploaders.

YouTube also says they are doing the increase because they have improved on their Content ID system. That means if you decide to upload Burn Notice or Grey’s Anatomy in 15 minute chunks, they can remove those videos quicker.

It really is a great win for all. My video show usually would go to 12 minutes. Now I can do that and have it show up on YouTube.

I’ll still strive for under 10 minutes. With that goal in mind, I can work on being precise in what I have to say. But if I have topics that need extra attention, I can give it.

Thank you,  YouTube. Now just make me a content partner and I’ll really be happy.