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Feedster is reborn

FeedsterWhen Feedster was alive and well last year I used it a lot. Today it has been reborn, but it is definitely a shell of it’s former self. Trying some standard search terms I follow resulted in what I would consider semi-relevant search results.

They have a cute widget to put on ones website and it nice and fancy but the search results have spam blogs in them all I want is the RSS feeds. Forget the widgets. Plus most of my custom searches are for my eyes only not the general public.

While I do not know the politics of who is behind the site and given the history with the previous company only time will tell if they will be able to ever compete with Google Blog Search or Technorati. Feedster

Site Ban on Sites that don’t Link to Original Content!

I am sick and tired of reading blog articles on such sites as Engadget that clearly were sourced from another site and then search in vane within the article trying to find the source article.

Effective immediately I am not going to link to articles on other sites that do not have the decency to link back to the source content. Doing so is doing injustice to the site that created the original source article. The team at Engadget does this a great deal.

What put me over the top was an International Space Station article that had 2 links to internal Engadget articles but nothing pointing back at the source material that they used to create the story.

Movable Type Version 4.0 worth the wait!

I have been waiting a long time for SixApart to make the quantum jump and from everything I have read they are finally going to compete in a big way with WordPress.

There are some features of MT that have always been better than WordPress and now I am completely thrilled that what is being offered in the new version is going to be really amazing. I will have the beta up on a website in a couple of days but I will migrate Geek News Central and all of my other blogs over in short order. Movable Type Version 4.0

SixApart Censors LiveJournals by removing them

I caught wind that the folks at SixApart removed over 500 LiveJournals in an attempt to reduce the amount of adult oriented material on the network. I am personally pretty shocked that they actually went in an removed the journals.

In my opinion this now puts SixApart at great risk. I hope they consulted with their attorney on this, because now they are going to have to police all of the journals on a regular basis. If they do not anyone can hold them liable anytime questionable material is found, as through this mass removal action it is obvious that they are actively monitoring sites.  which could prove to be a real mess for them when they miss one, and someone is offended and sues.

SixApart says it removed the sites to protect children, it will be curious to see what the fall out on this will be. ZDNet

Blogger Code of Conduct

I understand their are a lot of emotions out their considering the mean and hurtful things some people directed at some women Bloggers. But in all honesty at this point in the game I am pretty thick skinned. I survived the days of flaming on Bulletin Board Systems, that makes some of the stuff that has been written on the net lately seem pretty tame. I don’t excuse the behaviour or writings but I also understand it comes with the territory.

Those that grew up on dial up and Bulletin Boards had to learn quick to be think skin or just get off line.

I understand people’s sensitivities over the issue, and while I have always maintained a professional and personal code of conduct I do not feel inclined at this time to endorse something that was written, or as some say adopted as a result of an emotional event.

I am going to copy from Michael Arrington blog and say the following.

“I’m not going to always try to talk privately with someone before i write, and I’m also not going to allow a mob to decide what types of words constitute “unacceptable content.” And I’m certainly not putting a badge on my site that says whether I comply or not.”

If people want to jump on and say I agree with the Blogger Code of Conduct that is their business, but I know who I am, and how I treat people, and the idea of having to validate in writing that I do this is insulting. O’Reilly Radar

Congrats to Dave Winer

I did not get the congratulations out their yesterday but I wanted to congratulate Dave on 10 years of Blogging and I want to thank him for his leadership in Blogging, RSS and Podcasting.

I have no doubt in my mind that we would not be as far down the road as we are today without his innovation and leadership. While I don’t always agree with everything Dave says his commentary day to day is thought provoking and his blog is one of about 25 that I read every day.

Congrats Dave on ten years of Blogging and for what you have contributed to the community.

SixApart finally taking heat on MovableType

When I re-launched this site I did so with the intent of giving MovableType six more months to get their act together. To be honest with you I probably should have ditched the application some time ago.

It has been obvious for a couple of years that SixApart simply does not care about those of us using the application. After all why work on something that probably does not pay them very much. The wordpress folks have simply destroyed their market share and they have a community of real developers, the thing wordpress is doing right is listening to their users. This is something that SixApart has blown it on.

Today this blog runs on a high end dedicated server and yet at times the CPU peaks out because of the 50,000 plus comment spams attempts each day. When they announced FastCGI support with the latest update my server admin who knows Fedora like the back of his hand was unable to get it running, after about 8 hours of work I told him to forget it.

If he had problems I can only imagine that very few sites have been able to actually put FastCGI into operation.

Anil Dash at SixApart claims they are taking feedback from the community. The first question I have is where the hell is this supposed community? I am in the MT community message boards and I am subscribed to their blog but I don’t see them reaching out. For him to say they are reaching out to the community is BS.

The only way they ever respond to the community is when we bitch publicly and then they come out and do some damage control. I am pretty sick of it and the clock is ticking before I take my web developers advice and move away from this platform completely.

Add my name to the ranks of Bloggers who are beyond frustrated with MovableType and SixAparts lack of movement forward. Corante