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Sneak Peak at FeedDemon 2.0

Nick Bradbury has been hard at work on FeedDemon 2.0 and he hinted today that a beta is coming next week. I will be the first to admit I am a big FeedDemon fan and can’t wait to see what he has cooking. But their is a short preview of some of the changes from one of the Alpha testers. []

One thing Nick please improve the Blog this functions, I am really sick of using some of the very poor editors that are out their.

RSS Blog Search functionality within your Desktop News Reader

I have went to very great pains to create over 100 search terms for each of the major blog search engines including. Over the past year they have served me well but I find myself going to those search terms on a less frequent basis. The fact of the matter is the blog search engines are becoming less reliable most report links as new that were created months ago. They often are not able to find stories with the specific keywords clearly labeled completely, and of course the results are permeated with spammer sites that just clutter up the results.

Something I have done out of habit for about a year is add every site that links to Geek News Central or makes mention of the site or me in special categories in my RSS reader. There are in fact now five separate category listings with 500 sites in each of the 4 categories and another 300 in the the fifth. I then do searches from the river of news listings within FeedDemon when I am trying to dig out specific information. I allow each listing to have 200 articles and I do not erase the entries I make them get pushed out. So in a sense I have my own blog search engine within FeedDemon I am able to search all sites that link to us, along with the 400 sites I pull data from. This has worked out pretty good but it could be better here is a idea/

I am going to recommend to Nick the author of FeedDemon that he work with the Google Desktop search folks so that the FeedDemon index is search able. Then we need the Google Desktop to create and associated RSS feed for those desktop searches. So we can use the power of Google Desktop Search on FeedDemon and then use FeedDemon to do the requesting from the desktop application.