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Rachio Showcases Outdoor Water Saving Solutions At CES 2023

Rachio, a mission-driven technology company focused on sustainable water use and simple, automated yard management, is debuting at CES 2023 the newest addition to its portfolio of outdoor smart home products, the Smart Hose Timer. The Rachio Smart Hose Timer joins the award-winning Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, bringing the company’s proven smart yard technology to millions of households.

Smart Home Timer: Building upon the success of the flagship Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller, the Smart Hose Timer connects via a smart valve to an outdoor faucet and a hose or drip system so consumers can experience automatic water-saving benefits. The Smart Hose Timer automates hose watering by replacing tedious and time-consuming hand watering with irrigation programs that can be set and run directly from a smart phone.

It automatically stops watering when it rains in the Smart Hose Timer’s specific location, which saves water while giving plants the water they need, when they need it. It features a patented, integrated flow meter which ensures that watering schedules run as expected, every time.

The Smart Hose Timer works with the free Rachio mobile app, allowing users to quickly personalize and program multiple watering schedules each day using a single Smart Hose Timer. The Smart Hose Timer, which comes with the valve and Wi-Fi hub, will be available on and at leading retailers in March 2023 for an expected retail price of $99.

At CES, Rachio is demonstrating the new innovative Smart Hose Timer and its suite of products and partner product integrations:

Rachio 3 Smart Sprinkler Controller: The top-rated Rachio 3 is for in-ground irrigation systems. The Controller allows for multiple tailored watering schedules to be automated through the Rachio app, based on the local weather combined with a yard’s specific needs, including plant type, soil type, sun exposure and more for personalized watering.

Equipped with Weather Intelligence and Hydro Intelligence, the Rachio 3 provides hyper-local accuracy into current and projected weather, skipping unnecessary watering and helping users to save 20% to 50% on outdoor water usage. The app also integrates with Amazon Alexa and other smart home devices. The Rachio 3 is available in 4-Zone ($149.99), 8-Zone ($199.99) and 16-Zone ($249.99) options on and other leading retailers.

Tempest Weather System: Rachio has integrated with the Tempest Weather System by WeatherFlow, to offer the most accurate weather-driven smart watering system. Incorporating a Tempest system with a Rachio controller increases weather accuracy through an AI-enhanced forecast network and best-in-class rain, wind, temperature, and humidity sensors. The Rachio and Tempest create unique irrigation schedules with weather observations directly from a compact, maintenance-free station installed in the yard. The Tempest Weather System is available for $329 on and bundled with the Rachio 3 for $426.35.

Root Quencher: This underground watering device ensures all trees and plants are watered efficiently and effectively, eliminating evaporation from surface watering and reducing water waste up to 50%. Quickly automate your deep-root watering by connecting Root Quencher to an existing sprinkler system or hose end timer. Root Quencher is available for $49.99 at

“We are proud to showcase our lineup of smart water-saving products designed to make yard management simple while minimizing water user and reducing waste,” said Kim Sentovich, Rachio CEO. “For nearly a decade, Rachio has been committed to helping people find a better way to water and with our latest addition, the Smart Hose Timer, millions of households can now experience the benefits of our water-saving technology and help contribute to the 60 billions of gallons our Rachio community has saved to date. Rachio users have saved more than 17 billion gallons of water just in 2022.”

Rachio is debuting the Smart Hose Timer, along with the Rachio 3 Smart Irrigation Controller and partner product integrations, at CES 2023 at Booth 53526, Halls A-C, Venetian Expo.

Zendure SuperBase V Named CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree

Zendure, a true power independence provider and one of the fastest-growing energy startups, announced the availability of its breakthrough home (and beyond) energy storage system, SuperBase V at CES.

Named CES 2023 Innovation Award Honoree in the Sustainability, Eco-Design & Smart Energy category, this industry-first modular, portable power station with semi-solid batteries brings true power independence to users nationwide. SuperBase V provides more reliable, safer, cleaner energy when and were users need it most ideal for RV and off-grid living, EV charging, whole-home power needs and as emergency back-up.

More Storage & Power: Zendure’s semi-solid state batteries deliver customizable, expandable capacity from 6.4kWH to 64kWh with satellite expansion batteries, the first of this type in the world. The maximum configuration for SuperBase V (with two base units and eight Satellite Batteries) stores enough power to power a typical household fora week or more.

Fast Recharge: When used in conjunction with satellite expansion batteries and combined with industry-leading solar input (3,000W) and AC power, SuperBase V can be recharged in just one hour (up to 5.9kW dual recharge).

115V & 230V Dual Voltage: A backup power for an entire home, the first and only system that supplies 115V/230V dual voltage from a single base unit to charge small and large appliances at the same time.

EV Charging At Home & On-The-Go: With up to 23,000W of power distribution, the Home Panel can charge two vehicles simultaneously and provide AC power to up to ten circuits around the house. Portable level 2 EV charging also supports public power station input, and the SuperBase V paired with a battery pack adds an extra 40 miles to keep drivers moving between pit stops.

Smart / Connected: Works with Amazon Alexa or Google Home system for intuitive, convenient voice control. The Zendure app also gives users tools to monitor, manage, and customize energy use, which can significantly reduce energy bill.

Versatile: Each base station comes with a variety of hook-ups and 14 ports, including AC, USB-A and USBC and a 12V car outlet for limitless power possibilities.

Portable: Equipped with a pull-out handle and motorized wheels for easier portability around home and on-the-go.

SuperBase V is now available at (Affiliate: ShareASale), starting at €4,599 (which can be paid in installments).

Visit Zendure at ShowStoppers D11 in Bellagio Hotel or at CES (Central Hall – Booth #19159).

Aqara Previews New Devices At CES 2023

Aqara, a leading provider of smart home products, is set to expand its product portfolio in 2023 with the addition of innovative sensors, door locks, video doorbells and LED strips. Committed to providing seamless connected home experiences to millions of global users, Aquara continues to enrich its offerings with latest smart home technologies and device types.

Video Doorbell G4 is complementary to Aqara’s indoor home cameras, and together these cameras help users to keep an eye on their homes, families, and visitors anytime. This doorbell allows highly flexible installation as it can be battery-powered or wired for continuous power. It not only supports HomeKit Secure Video and local streaming to Amazon and Google smart displays, but it will work also work with Matter after the Matter specification for cameras is ready. The G4 features local, AI-enabled facial recognition, which can trigger different automations depending on the person, and the device also includes both the 7-day free cloud storage and the optional local storage via a microSD card.

Presence Sensor FP2 is a revolutionary addition to the Company’s wide-ranged sensor lineup. Based on the millimeter wave (mmWave) radar technology, the FP2 detects human presence even when the person is sitting still. It enables zone positioning, which allows users to define different zones in a room such as the bed, the dresser, or the sofa area, and the presence in each of these individual zone can trigger different automations for a more customized experience. Other features include multi-person detection, fall-detection and a built in light sensor.

Smart Lock U100 is the first deadbolt lock from Aqara, offering a secure and convenient home access solution that can be seamlessly integrated into the modern smart homes. The U100 lock is one of the few smart locks in the market that is compatible with HomeKit and supports the home key feature in Apple Wallet. Other access authentication options include fingerprints, passwords, Aquara Home app, NFC cards, and mechanical keys. Based on the Zigbee protocol, the U100 supports Matter via a compatible Aqara hub.

LED Strip T1 is a multipurpose RGB CCT lights trip that is intended to enrich smart lighting experiences for Aqara users. It produces up to 16 million vibrant colors and turntable white light and is addressable with gradient effects. HomeKit, Alexa and Google Home are supported, and Matter support via a compatible Aqara hub is expected to be added after its launch. The LED strip is Zigbee-based which means lower power consumption and less congested home Wi-Fi network, and it also serves as a repeater that enhances the Zigbee network.

These devices from Aqara will become available for purchase in the following months.

Committed to enabling seamless user experiences, Aqara has been working to integrate Matter into its existing and new devices. In 2023, new OTA updates will be pushed to Aqara hubs – beginning from the M2 – so that they can serve as Matter bridges and connect Aqara Zigbee devices to Matter.

Moreover, the Company also confirmed a new lineup of Thread-based devices with native Matter support this year, including the Door and Window Sensor P2 and the Motion and Light Sensor PT which are expected to hit the market in the coming months.

As part of the ongoing partnerships with Aqara, both Google and Samsung are featuring these new sensors on respective booths at CES 2023, along with other Aqara devices including the M2 as a Matter bridge.

Armored Fresh Returns To CES 2023 With ZERO Dairy TASTY Cheese

Food Tech company Armored Fresh will participate in the world’s largest consumer electronics and IT exhibition, CES 2023 in Las Vegas, USA, and introduce a new developed product called ‘Almond Milk American Slices.’

Armored Fresh will launch another developed plant-based cheese in the ‘Food Tech’ section at CES 2023, which takes place from January 5th through 8th. The company is expected to receive great attention as one of the participants of the ‘Food Tech’ section, as it was selected as an up-and-coming business last year at the same convention. Many are in anticipation of Armored Fresh’s new plant-based cheese that will be unveiled at CES this year.

The company previously launched plant-based cheese cubes at CES 2022, which are receiving such a sensational response that the product is currently being sold in more than 200 stores in New York. The cheese cubes have been successful at completely overturning the same delicious taste as dairy cheese. The company, however, is still focused on improving the quality of their products, as well as offering a diverse selection of cheeses.

The plant-based American slices, which will be introduced at this year’s CES, features a soft and chewy texture, and high-quality flavor. Armored Fresh paid attention to the cheese’s melting properties to further improve the unnatural texture, which is one of the biggest challenges of the existing vegan cheese market. Melting properties, which means the degree to which cheese melts when heat is applied, has long been considered technically difficult to implement in the vegan industry. Nevertheless, since Armored Fresh instigated their own research and development for improved product quality, their plant-based cheese has the perfect melting capabilities.

At CES 2023, Armored Fresh will set top a booth on the TECH EAST side of the Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) exhibition hall. The company will also give out samples of grilled cheese to show off the competitiveness of their new product. After the event, Armored Fresh’s plant-based product lineup will be expanded to include Cheddar, Pepper Jack, and Monterey Jack.

Rudy Yoo, Founder and CEO of Armored Fresh said, “It is a great pleasure to participate in CES once again this year. This year we will have the opportunity to show the world our very own Armored Fresh sliced cheese. Knowing that there’s a big demand for such alternative dairy products, we’re pleased to offer this superior zero dairy cheese. With big plans to expand into nationwide markets and European market opportunities, Armored Fresh is pleased to announce our next step into this journey of innovation. Be on the lookout for Armored Fresh cheese in your local store and shop.”

Visit Armored Fresh at CES 2023 at Booth #: CP-24, Tech East, LVCC, Central Plaza & Silver 3.

LG Showcases Smart Home Experience With HCA at CES 2023

LG Electronics (LG), a board member of the Home Connectivity Alliance (HCA), will showcase a seamless smart home experience at CES 2023. Along with other HCA member companies, LG will demonstrate the interoperability enabled under the new HCS Specification 1.0, whereby smart home solutions from different brands work together seamlessly to deliver true connected convenience in the home.

Inside HCA’s booth at CES, LG will be exhibiting its latest smart home appliances – including the MoodUP refrigerator, WashTower laundry solution, ARTCOOL Gallery air conditioner, and Puri with Care AeroTower – together with those from other alliance members. Visitors will be able to see the realization of HCA’s “Any app to any device” vision, which presents users with the ability to manage each brand’s products via each brand’s smart control app, such as LG’s intuitive ThinQ app. This new level of interoperability is currently supported by HCA member companies including LG.

Utilizing existing industry standards to define Cloud-to-Cloud (C2C) interoperability guidelines, the new HCA Specification 1.0 has been established to ensure that home appliances, TVs and HVAC systems can interoperate seamlessly with one another, irrespective of brand. In addition to newly-launched models, consumers can continue using the smart home appliances and HVAC solutions, customers have already owned at home and are covered by HCA Specification 1.0, without having to install any major firmware updates.

Furthermore, HCA Specification 1.0 will help member companies to make the smart home more sustainable in the future, leveraging data collected from across the alliance members’ applications to gain insight into usage and improve energy management.

“As a member of HCA, LG is contributing to the realization of a safe, secure and interoperable connected home ecosystem,” said Lyu Jae-cheol, president of the LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company. “Through collaboration and open innovation, we will continue to provide consumers with solutions for a smarter, more convenient way of living.”

Visitors to HCA’s booth (#52739, Smart Home Hall, The Venetian Expo) at CES 2023 from January 5-8 in Las Vegas can experience the interoperability of HCA Member companies’ latest smart home solutions.

About LG Electronics Home Appliance & Air Solution Company

The LG Home Appliance & Air Solution Company is a global leader in home appliances, smart home solutions, air solutions as well as visionary products featuring LG ThinQ AI. The company is creating various solutions with its industry leading core technologies and is committed to making life better and healthier for consumers by developing thoughtfully designed kitchen appliances, living appliances, HVAC and air purification solutions. Together, these products deliver enhanced convenience, superb performance, efficient operation and compelling health benefits.

Mangoslab’s Cordless Hair Straightener Wins CES Innovation Award

Mangoslab, a Samsung Electronics spinoff from Korea focusing on innovative thermal technology products, will be attending CES 2023 from January 5-8 at Tech West, Venetian Hall D, booth #55653. Since winning the Best of Innovation Award for Nemonic, a sticky-note printer based on thermal technology at CES 2017, it has accumulated know-how and has become an industry leader.

The company will primarily be showcasing their newest product and brand, Aesty. The first hair straightener to ever receive a CES Innovation Award (2023), Aesty is a cordless hair straightener with several features that differentiate it from competitors.

At CES 2023, Aesty Cordless Hair Straightener will be introduced with an emphasis on minimizing hair damage based on its precise smart-heating technology. Aesty’s Dual Heater technology generates high-speed heat and maintains precise temperatures by using more than 150 sophisticated thermal control algorithms per second, resulting in hair styling without excessive heat. To attract visitors to their booth, Mangoslab has installed a thermal camera in order to show Aesty’s effectiveness and even heat distribution, and will be doing live product demonstrations throughout CES 2023.

Aesty’s Hidden Hinge design prevents hair from getting caught and snagging during styling due to an internally-located hinge. The Hybrid Mode feature enables the device to be plugged in during use, bypassing the battery as the power source and using direct power instead, effectively saving the battery for cordless use at a later time. Additionally, it is equipped with a 4-cell battery that can be used up to 410F degrees without the need for a cord, and generates a full charge in just 60 minutes.

“I think CES 2023 will be a fantastic opportunity to showcase Mangoslab’s cordless hair straightener, who won an Innovation Award amid record competition,” said Yongsoo Jong, CEO of Mangoslab. “Excessive heat damages hair, and damaged hair becomes more difficult to style.” Jeong continued, “We want to become a company that can ultimately contribute to users enjoying more self-expression while providing solutions to minimize hair damage through Aesty.”

Currently, Aesty’s Cordless Hair Straightener has been released in the US, and can be found online at their official website (www.aesty.) and Amazon. Visit Mangoslab at booth #55653.

Hubble Connected Celebrates Ten Years With “HubbleClub” Platform at CES 2023

Hubble Connected, the world leader in emotional tech and creators of the “connected nursery” is celebrating ten years of securely connecting, nurturing, and protecting families since the debut of its groundbreaking HubbleClub platform.

At CES, the company is demonstrating its continued leadership in the category, debuting its award-winning Guardian Wearable Baby Movement Monitors, and showcasing the award-winning Nursery Pal Dual Vision video monitor, and Eclipse Smart Soother Wi-Fi Audio monitor family at PEPCOM. Hubble Connected is the world’s only manufacturer with smart nursery products in every category controlled by a single platform the HubbleClub app. With its broad range of hardware products, along with the all-encompassing HubbleClub app, the company provides parents with a safe and secure platform to stay connected with their children anytime, from anywhere.

All Hubble Connected products work seamlessly with the free, easy-to-use HubbleClub app (available on iOS and Android) that provides parents full control from their smartphone. The pioneering app provides tools to help parents care, entertain, educate, and stay connected to their child, as well as a secure place to track their babies’ developmental progress, manage schedules and access a large library of resources.

Hubble Connected’s nursery ecosystem includes products designed to support the parenting journey and grow with families and are in multiple categories. They include Prenatal (Roo), Movement Monitors (Guardian family and Dream+), Video Monitors (Nursery Pal Duo Vision and more), SmartSound Machine (Eclipse family) and Healthy Nursery (Grow + Scale).

At PEPCOM, Hubble Connected showcased its new Guardian Wearable Baby Movement Monitor, family, including the Guardian+ ($149), Guardian Pro ($299), and the Guardian Cam ($199). Hubble Connected will also put the spotlight on its Nursery Pal Dual Vision, which launched in Fall of 2022 and is the only unit on the market featuring both a wide-angle and regular view camera in one unit. Rounding out the presentation is the Eclipse family of “smart soothers,” designed to promote healthy sleep routines for toddlers. Notably, the Guardian Wearable Baby Movement Monitors and Eclipse Smart Soother/Wi-fi Audio Monitors were recently honored with the prestigious Mom’s Choice Award Gold Seal as “Best in Family-Friendly Products.”

“Hubble Connected Founder & Chairman (and father of three), Dino Lalvani, noted: “Ten years ago we put Hubble Connected on the map with our first-of-its-kind HubbleClub app, which soon led us to launch our first hardware products using the most innovative smart technologies. As we look to the future, we’re exploring the use of thermographic technology and more use of AI. Today, just as at our founding, our mission is to make the smart ‘connected nursery’ part of everyday life for parents around the world. Everything we do is about giving families the best possible, most sensible solutions for protecting, monitoring, and raising their children all the way from infancy through adolescence, or as we like to say, ‘from womb to school.”

All Hubble Connected products are available now at Buy Buy Baby, Babylist, Best Buy,,, additional specialty baby stores and more retailers across the country including Walmart and