SpaceX Starship Achieves Major Milestone! #1745

SpaceX’s Starship rocket completed its first successful full test flight, returning to Earth without exploding. Standing nearly 400 feet tall, this marked the fourth launch and the longest flight of the world’s largest and most powerful rocket. Despite some damage and the loss of tiles, the spacecraft managed a controlled splashdown in the Indian Ocean after a flight reaching 130 miles in altitude and speeds of 16,000 mph. This milestone is crucial for SpaceX’s plans to reuse the rocket for missions to the moon and Mars.

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In this episode of Geek News Central, hosted by Todd Cochrane, the primary focus is SpaceX’s recent achievement with its Starship rocket. The rocket completed its first successful full test flight without exploding, marking a significant milestone for SpaceX’s plans to use the missile for lunar and Martian missions.

Todd starts the episode by highlighting the rocket’s controlled splashdown after reaching high speeds and altitude despite some damage and loss of tiles. He emphasizes the importance of this advancement in the context of SpaceX’s future missions.

The discussion then shifts to other topics, including ongoing antitrust investigations into major tech companies like Microsoft, OpenAI, and NVIDIA by US regulators. NVIDIA’s recent surge in valuation, making it the world’s second most valuable company, is also mentioned.

Todd transitions to other news, including Microsoft’s investigation over monopoly concerns, Apple’s commitment to security updates for iPhones, and a new homepage design tested by Netflix. Other discussions cover the end of Best Buy’s Samsung repair program, a study related to misinformation on Twitter, and controversy over Adobe’s content scanning practices.

The episode also covers the opposition to a new telescope on Haleakala by Maui’s council, Lyft’s growth forecasts, and details about Instacart’s stock buyback. Additionally, Todd discusses a U.S. Justice Department move to recover funds stolen from a trade union, a U.S. news app accused of publishing fake stories, and Apple’s internal radio in its new Macs and iPads intended for smart home functionalities.

Todd also engages with the audience, reminding listeners about their sponsorship with GoDaddy and encouraging them to support the show through various platforms and promotional codes provided.

This engaging and informative episode, filled with a mix of technological advancements and regulatory challenges faced by tech companies, concludes with Todd thanking listeners and insiders for their support and teasing future discussions and content.