Forced to Vacate Studio #1744

After operating Geek News Central for the past five years from the current studio, I was forced to vacate the space I’d called home for so long.

About 18 months ago, The Mint, a weed shop, moved in next door, and while it wasn’t without its quirks—like the morning aroma of weed in my kitchen area—they’ve been good neighbors. For the past six months, I’ve been on a month-to-month lease after the building was acquired more than a year ago by the owners of said weed shop, and I never thought about renewing it. The landlord seemed content having me there, especially since the place had been vacant for years before I moved in back in 2019. But, that was my mistake.

On Sunday, May 28th, I received a termination notice of my lease from the owners of the building based out of Arizona. My lease termination date was set for June 28th, and as you know, I had a trip planned that extended beyond that date. With no time to lose and not wanting a legal battle, I spent two days vacating the studio, thanks to a miraculous 48-hour effort over Monday on Memorial Day and Tuesday.

So here I am, with no place to operate from when I return. My studio was never open to the public, as you know, but served as the backbone of my podcast,

Finding a new location will be challenging and may even require moving to a community that understands and supports this type of creative work. It reminds me of my mantra: never build your brand on rented land. While my .com is safe, my creative space isn’t, and this reality has been a soul-crushing experience.

I have no idea who will move into my old space—perhaps no one, in this challenging commercial market. My rent was always paid on time, but maybe weed sales are doing so well that they need a bigger store.

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