Apple Revamps iTunes Experience for Windows Users #1721

Apple has unveiled significant updates for Windows users, introducing new standalone applications for Apple Music, Apple TV, and a Device management app specifically designed for Windows 10 and later versions. These apps aim to enhance the user experience by providing specialized music and TV access functions and iPhone management, including backups, data syncing, and iOS updates. Although iTunes for Windows will still be available for audiobooks and podcasts, and it is compatible with PCs that cannot run the new apps, Apple recommends shifting to these modern solutions for a better and more focused user experience. The move departs from the all-encompassing iTunes software, reflecting Apple’s strategy to offer tailored services through distinct applications.

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Show Notes Summary and Story Links:

In this episode of Geek News Central, host Todd Cochrane discusses a range of topics, starting with the recent updates by Apple for Windows users. Apple has introduced standalone applications for Apple Music, Apple TV, and device management for Windows 10 and beyond, while still keeping iTunes available for audiobooks and podcasts. Todd highlights the significance of this shift for iPhone and Windows users and breaks down the details of the three new applications. He talks about numerous other topics, including Google One AI Premium, new features in Google Maps and Google’s Family Link, robotics call regulations by the FCC, ESPN’s upcoming streaming service, and changes in the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory workforce.

Todd also touches on improving cyber security systems to tackle AI-powered phishing attacks, a new Google Pixel tablet, and leaked iPhone 16 battery rumors. He discusses a SpaceX launch of NASA’s environmental research satellite and the troubling rise in ransomware payments. Uber’s significant financial turnaround is also covered, having moved from substantial losses to a profitable year.

Furthermore, Todd chats about the backlash against an Uber Eats Super Bowl ad, preparations for watching April’s total solar eclipse, and Spotify’s financial payouts to the music industry. He sheds light on a lawsuit over the EU’s fee for policing content, OpenAI’s steps to prevent harm from AI misuse, and intriguing research on teaching AI to learn like human infants.

Throughout the episode, Todd emphasizes the continued support of their primary sponsor, GoDaddy, while highlighting various deals for listeners, such as hosting plans, domain purchases, and the GoDaddy website builder. As he moves through the episode, he reminds listeners to support the podcast by becoming a GNC insider for direct contributions. Todd briefly updates his busy week and nods to Kirk, the producer, for organizing the show’s content.

The episode wraps up with Todd urging listeners to join the chat room, follow him on social media, or email him feedback. He also details how listeners can contribute to the show through time, talent, or treasure, spotlighting the value-for-value model of the podcast. Todd thanks insiders Dale Taylor and Ron Ken for their contributions and encourages others to follow suit to help support all the hand-curated and reviewed content provided by Geek News Central.