Tesla Model 3’s Suddenly Shutdown on Highway #1719

In North Carolina, a Tesla Model 3 owner, James Hanna, experienced a sudden and alarming incident on Interstate 277. While driving to pick up his son, the car unexpectedly beeped and stopped completely in the middle of the highway despite having a 60% charge. Hanna, unable to restart the vehicle or re-enter it after exiting due to a dead battery in the door mechanism, had to call for a tow truck. Imagine if your car came to a sudden halt on the highway.

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Show Notes Summary and Story Links:

Summary: The podcast episode from “Geek News Central,” hosted by Todd Cochrane, covers various topics. It begins with a concerning incident involving a Tesla Model 3 that suddenly stopped on a highway, leading to safety concerns and a complaint to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The host then transitions into updates and promotions related to the podcast itself, including shout-outs to sponsors like GoDaddy and encouragements for listeners to become insiders.

Next, the episode dives into various tech and internet-related stories. It discusses changes in T-Mobile’s terms of service for home broadband users, especially regarding data usage limits. The episode also explores the issue of fake celebrity content online, particularly fake adult content using celebrity faces, and the measures taken by platforms like X and Microsoft to combat this problem.

The narrative shifts to health and fitness trackers, highlighting a company called Visible and its focus on chronic illnesses, including long COVID. This is followed by a discussion of the risks associated with Microsoft 365 accounts due to a new phishing campaign and an upcoming Microsoft earnings report.

The host then talks about Meta’s decision to share data with researchers studying online wellbeing, especially regarding children’s safety on social media. The episode also touches on new offerings on Prime Video and Freevee, Elon Musk’s pledge to moderate content on X, and the launch of a new AI-powered iPhone browser called Arc Search.

A significant portion of the podcast covers security and privacy concerns in various tech domains, such as vulnerabilities in automotive hacking events and concerns about GPS interference in aviation. It also discusses the cancellation of Amazon’s acquisition of iRobot and the challenges faced by the US government in hiring AI experts.

The episode concludes with various other tech updates, including developments in AI, changes in Windows 11, and advertising-related controversies on social media platforms. The host then encourages listener participation and support for the podcast.

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