OpenAI’s Potential $100 Billion Valuation #1715

OpenAI, renowned for ChatGPT, is reportedly negotiating a funding round that could potentially value the company at over $100 billion. Still under negotiation with terms and valuation subject to change, this development could position OpenAI as one of the world’s most valuable startups. Additionally, OpenAI is considering a new chip venture with Abu Dhabi-based G42, alongside raising $8 billion to $10 billion for this project. Separately, OpenAI is finalizing a tender offer by Thrive Capital, which would value the company at $86 billion, allowing employees to sell shares. OpenAI also recently launched Converge 2, a program supporting startups using AI, featuring tech talks, industry leader interactions, and a $1 million investment.

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Show Notes Summary and Story Links:

The latest episode of “Geek News Central,” hosted by Todd Cochrane, explores various intriguing technological updates and industry news. Todd talks about the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2024, expressing anticipation for the event he will attend to provide comprehensive coverage.

The conversation then flows into a series of tech industry developments. Starlink’s innovative approach of launching satellites with direct-to-cell capabilities promises a transformative impact on mobile connectivity. At the same time, Elon Musk, despite his active involvement in AI, urges caution about the technology’s potential risks. The smartphone market is witnessing a shift as Android foldables cut into Apple’s premium segment, and Xerox announces a significant workforce reduction to streamline operations. Pornhub’s access in Montana and North Carolina faces restrictions due to new age verification laws. NASA’s advancements are highlighted on the space front, including the Curiosity Rover’s Mars mission and a spacecraft’s close encounter with Jupiter’s moon, Io.

Cybersecurity emerges as a critical theme, with First American suffering a ransomware attack, over 900,000 individuals affected by a data breach at Boston’s Transformative Healthcare, and Gallery Systems facing a similar ransomware predicament.

Todd also delves into the realms of digital photography and emerging technologies. Sony, Canon, and Nikon are taking significant steps to combat DeepFakes through digital signature technology in photography. Samsung’s announcement of new models in its OLED gaming monitors range, Twitch’s updated policy against implied nudity, the launch of GE Profile’s Smart Indoor Smoker, speculations about Bitcoin’s price in 2024, 3M and Exeger’s innovative self-charging headset, Google’s user input request for its Bard feature, and the introduction of a new fingerprint smart lock and a versatile robot vacuum by Samsung illustrate the rapid pace of technological innovation. The episode also underscores the pressing issue of cybersecurity worker burnout.

An important socio-economic aspect is addressed with the discussion on the gender pay gap in the European tech industry, where women earn significantly less than their male counterparts. LG’s announcement of new models in its Gram laptop series adds to the tech updates.

NASA’s ambitious plans for 2024, including the Artemis rocket launch and deep space exploration, are highlighted, signifying a crucial year for space exploration. Todd also touches upon Tesla’s achievement in selling 1.8 million EVs in 2023.

The episode wraps up with a discussion the challenges sellers face on Amazon’s marketplace and the growing concern of social media addiction, particularly among British teens. Todd concludes by encouraging listeners to support the show through donations and stay tuned for live updates from CES 2024, while emphasizing the importance of being vigilant about online scams and managing screen time, especially for children. The anticipation for the next episode is high, with promises of live coverage from CES 2024.