OnePlus 12 Design Revealed

OnePlus LogoOnePlus has revealed the design of the upcoming OnePlus 12 smartphone and it’s definitely an evolution of the 11 rather than a radical redesign, retaining the large circular camera array on the rear. The alert slider remains, although it’s moved to the right-hand side to accommodate a new integrated antenna which will improving gaming latency. Although not mentioned in the current press release, wireless charging is expected to make a return: this is great news as this feature is missing from the OnePlus 11 and its absence puts many people off upgrading, including myself.

The picture is a little gloomy (expect a short film to be released soon), but if you zoom in, there’s an interesting pattern on the rear of the phone. “Flowy Emerald” is a representation of the Dart River in New Zealand based on a photo taken with the OnePlus 12 camera and than transformed into the design for the back of the device. It’s a novel change from the norm.

More info was revealed on Weibo and (translated to English) the OnePlus 12 will launch in China on 5th December with a worldwide launch expected in January. The phone will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 and the partnership with Hasselblad continues, supporting the Sony Lytia sensor seen in the Open. As mentioned earlier, wireless charging makes a return as does an IR blaster. It seems like OnePlus is returning to its flagship-killing ways, but we’ll need to see the price to be sure.