OpenAI’s Bold Move: Offering $10 Million to Attract Google’s AI Experts #1706

OpenAI’s aggressive recruitment strategy, offering substantial pay packages to Google AI researchers. OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, is in negotiations for an employee share sale potentially valuing the company at $86 billion. This move follows a previous share sale that valued OpenAI between $27 billion and $29 billion. Compensation for top talent from Google could range from $5 million to $10 million after the latest share sale. OpenAI has already successfully recruited over 90 employees from Google and Meta, with specific mention of five former Google researchers who contributed to ChatGPT’s development. OpenAI’s recruitment includes positions for its super alignment team, focusing on aligning AI systems with human interests, offering salaries up to $450,000 plus equity and other benefits. Don’t tell me it doesn’t pay to be in AI at the moment.

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Show Summary:
The episode begins with Todd highlighting OpenAI’s aggressive recruitment strategies, offering up to $10 million to lure top AI talent from Google. He discusses OpenAI’s plans for advanced AI development, backed by Microsoft’s significant financial support.

Next, Todd shifts to Scripps Networks’ revival of the classic DVR, tailored for the cord-cutting era, and delves into the surprising financial relationship between Apple and Google, revealing that Apple earns a substantial portion of Google’s search advertising revenue.

The podcast also covers Amazon Web Services’ unique workspace in a former Dutch prison, Google’s new tools for finding holiday discounts, and Disney’s decision to pull TV channels from Vietnam due to piracy concerns. A significant ransomware attack on China’s largest bank, minimally impacting treasury market trades, is discussed, alongside Microsoft’s Bing AI potentially losing ground to Google but with a strategic focus on integrating co-pilot in Windows operating systems.

Todd then reports on a data breach at Mr. Cooper, a major US mortgage lender, and speculates about the ambitious features of the upcoming iOS 18. He expresses skepticism about the practicality of Google Photos’ new reminder feature and warns about malware attacks on Discord.

The White House’s plan to expand radio spectrum access is also covered, potentially benefiting internet access and drone technology. In space news, the James Webb Space Telescope’s findings challenge existing theories about the early universe’s brightness. ExxonMobil’s venture into lithium production for electric vehicle batteries is highlighted as a significant industry shift.

The episode includes discussions about Volvo’s first electric minivan, Zelle’s response to imposter scams, a massive data breach at Michigan’s McLaren Healthcare, Google’s lawsuit against scammers, and OpenAI’s efforts to gather more diverse language data.

Todd also touches on remote workers putting companies at risk by downloading software without permission, Apple’s potential launch of a larger iPad, Alphabet reducing its stake in Robinhood, and rumors of an M3 Ultra chip from Apple.

The episode concludes with a tribute to Frank Borman, a NASA astronaut, and a discussion about Google Photos’ AI editor not altering IDs, receipts, or faces. Todd encourages listeners to stay engaged with the podcast and the broader tech community.

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