Chrome’s New IP Protection: Boon or Concern? #1700

Google Chrome’s latest “IP Protection” feature coming soon will offer enhanced user privacy by routing traffic through a Google-owned proxy server, concealing IP addresses. This could hinder companies and data brokers from tracking users based on web behavior. However, this also implies that Google would have centralized access to users’ web-surfing habits. While the tool promises increased privacy, its potential to consolidate Google’s data access raises eyebrows, especially given the company’s past privacy controversies.

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Show Notes:

Full show summary below

  • A dangerous new malware called Tetris Phantom has been found targeting government devices to hack encrypted USB drives and steal sensitive information. It’s seen compromising secure USB drives used to transfer data between systems.
  • China is targeting iPhone maker Foxconn with a probe into tax and land use. This comes after Foxconn’s founder announced his presidential run in Taiwan. Beijing has targeted Taiwanese companies before during tense times.
  • Tesla demonstrated the bulletproof nature of its Cybertruck by unloading a Tommy gun into one. This was in response to seeing a shot-up Cybertruck on the highway.
  • Despite CarPlay and Android Auto, research shows that 46% of people with in-car systems still listen to AM/FM radio most often.
  • Microsoft’s Q1 earnings are expected to be around $54.5 billion. We’ll see if the economy impacts their numbers.
  • Amazon has enabled passwordless Passkeys on iOS and the web to improve login security.
  • Google faces a new antitrust probe in Japan related to search and advertising.
  • Brave browser is under fire for installing its VPN without user permission during updates. It won’t activate without a paid subscription though.
  • Japan is prepping a pilot to test wireless EV charging tech at traffic lights. This could add range as you sit at red lights.
  • Dropbox is ditching 25% of its SF HQ office space to save money as part of its shift to remote work.
  • Due to chip costs and inflation, the iPhone 16 could be 10-15% more expensive than the iPhone 15.
  • Robotics startup Figure showed off its impressive bipedal walking robot prototype.
  • The Biden administration designated 31 new regional tech hubs to receive up to $75 million each.
  • Amazon has guidance for managers to fire employees who don’t comply with its back-to-office policy.
  • Moondust analysis suggests the Moon maybe 40 million years older than we thought.
  • The DOJ is investigating Tesla for possibly exaggerating EV driving range numbers.
  • Ransomware threats are increasing as hackers target sloppy cloud migrations.
  • SpaceX will launch navigation satellites for ESA amid delays with European rockets.
  • Major newspapers are blocking content from being used to train AI like ChatGPT and seeking compensation.
  • YouTube’s new AI-powered ads let brands target “cultural moments.”
  • Hackers breached the International Criminal Court in a cyber espionage attack.
  • A new Chrome feature may protect privacy by routing traffic through a Google proxy server.