Pentagon Probes Rising UAP Reports #1699

The Pentagon’s All-domain Anomaly Resolution Office, headed by Sean Kirkpatrick, reveals a surge in unidentified anomalous phenomena (UAP) reports, with approximately 800 incidents reported as of April. Although most are identified as mundane objects like balloons, swamp gas or drones, concerns arise over a potential 2-4% that remain unexplained and might indicate foreign spying activities. The Federal Aviation Administration now shares data with the Pentagon. With the imminent launch of two new public reporting portals, Kirkpatrick anticipates a deluge of new submissions, underscoring the importance of discerning potential threats to national security. We will see what they think of my UFO story.

I detail a conversation with an individual claiming all recent UFO sightings are secret US  aerospace technology. I express skepticism about this based on his own eyewitness UFO experiences – one as a teenager and another while on an active combat mission in the military. I saw technology far beyond what I believe could exist even today. I invite everyone to share their perspectives on whether advanced UFO tech could be manmade or of extraterrestrial origin.

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Abbreviated summary – In other technology news, Elon Musk’s Twitter is beta testing, charging new users a $1 annual subscription fee to post content to reduce spam bots on the platform. Users can still read posts for free. Startup Vital 3D in Lithuania is pioneering 3D bioprinting of human organs like livers to help address the severe shortage of organs for transplantation. Even complex organs like kidneys with millions of nephrons may someday be printed.

The Federal Communications Commission has voted to move forward with reinstating net neutrality rules that were repealed in 2017. The public can submit comments during the proposal process before a final vote. Garmin is rumored to be developing new smartwatch models with advanced health-tracking capabilities and navigation features.

A new, precisely detailed map has located and measured 400,000 galaxies in our celestial vicinity, along with all their stars and planets. This massive trove of data will enable research into galaxy evolution, dark matter, gravitational waves, and more. Virgin Galactic is planning a test flight in November for microgravity experiments and biomedical research.

Social platform Discord is overhauling its community moderation policies to focus on transparency, warnings, and restrictions rather than permanent bans. Tesla CEO Elon Musk admitted they had faced production challenges with the Cybertruck after overly ambitious design goals. A former Navy IT manager was sentenced to 5 years in prison for stealing and selling a database with private information of thousands of people in 2018.

Chipmaker Intel is pushing software developers to create more AI-enabled applications to exploit Intel’s latest ultra-mobile chips. AI research laboratory OpenAI now has a valuation of $86 billion based on recent investment rounds, surpassing Stripe. Amazon is testing a humanoid warehouse robot named Digit that can grasp and stack inventory to automate workflows.

Malicious Google ads have been found leading to a fake download site for the Keypass password manager tool, showing how deceptive today’s malware can be. NASA employees received a Service to America medal for their work on the successful asteroid deflection Dart mission. Amazon is testing delivery drones with a new design. Apple may launch a foldable iPad in 2024.

Amazon, Trustpilot, and Glassdoor have united to fight fake and fraudulent reviews online. The US government will allow facial recognition for accessing online services, raising privacy concerns. New York’s Attorney General sued three cryptocurrency companies for allegedly misleading investors and causing over $1 billion losses. A far-right Twitter troll was sentenced to 7 months in prison for tweets in 2016 urging Hillary Clinton supporters to vote by text falsely.

The EU warned TikTok and Facebook/Meta they could face investigation if they do not address terrorist content concerns within a week. A 23andMe genetic testing database, allegedly stolen via credential stuffing attacks, was published on the dark web. An exposé revealed Apple’s China App Store employees took bribes from developers for app promotions. North Korea is harnessing AI for cyber warfare capabilities.

NASA’s Mars helicopter Ingenuity hit a new top speed record in its latest Red Planet flight. India plans to land astronauts on the moon by 2040. Netflix is raising prices on its basic and premium subscription plans.

Show Notes:

A complete summary of all the new stories covered in this episode.

  • X is charging new users $1/year to post to reduce bots. Still free to read posts.
  • Startup Vital 3D uses bioprinting to create human organs like livers to address transplant shortages. Very complex but could help solve shortage.
  • FCC taking steps to restore net neutrality rules repealed in 2017. The public can comment before the final vote.
  • Garmin is reportedly working on new features and smartwatches. It may be high-performance for metrics and navigation.
  • Map precisely locates and measures 400,000 nearby galaxies and all their stars and planets—vast trove of data for research.
  • Virgin Galactic is planning a November test space flight for research experiments.
  • Discord is overhauling platform moderation, focusing on safety and transparency with warnings instead of bans.
  • Elon Musk said Tesla “dug its own grave” with Cybertruck, having production challenges.
  • Ex-Navy IT manager sentenced to 5 years for 2018 database theft and sale of private data online.
  • Intel is pushing for more AI-enabled apps to exploit its chips’ capabilities.
  • Based on recent investment rounds, the OpenAI valuation is now $86B, surpassing Stripe.
  • Amazon is testing Digit humanoid warehouse robot to automate stacking/moving inventory.
  • Malicious Google ad leads to fake Keypass password manager download site – very deceptive.
  • NASA employees won the award for asteroid deflection Dart mission success.
  • Amazon is testing new delivery drone design.
  • Apple may launch a foldable iPad in 2024.
  • Groups including Amazon, Trustpilot, and Glassdoor united to fight fake reviews.
  • The US government will allow facial recognition for accessing online services, concerning for privacy.
  • NY Attorney General sued three crypto firms for allegedly misleading investors out of $1B+.
  • Far-right Twitter troll sentenced to 7 months for 2016 tweets telling Hillary supporters to vote by text.
  • EU warned TikTok and Meta about terrorist content.
  • 23andMe user data published on dark web after alleged credential stuffing hack.
  • Exposé showed Apple China App Store employees took bribes for app promotion/rankings.
  • North Korea is using AI for cyber warfare capabilities.
  • NASA Mars helicopter Ingenuity hit new top speed record in latest flight.
  • India plans to land astronauts on moon by 2040.
  • Netflix is raising prices on basic and premium subscription tiers.