Tech Giants Battle for AI Content #1696

In this episode’s top story, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella highlights the escalating competition among tech giants for crucial content to enhance artificial intelligence. Amid a significant U.S. trial against Google, Nadella expressed concerns about Google’s exclusive and costly deals with publishers to amass content, a pivotal component for training AI systems. Such aggressive moves may restrict other companies’ access to essential data, limiting the diversity and growth of AI advancements. Nadella’s comments underscore the intensifying battle for content and the potential implications for the future of artificial intelligence. There’s nothing like buying up a bunch of content to try and rule the AI space. Call me not surprised.

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Show Notes:

Here is a summary of the key points from the Geek News Central podcast episode:

  • TikTok is reportedly testing a paid, ad-free version of its app for $4.99 per month. This comes as TikTok tries to diversify revenue streams beyond ads.
  • FEMA will conduct a nationwide test of the Emergency Alert System on phones, TVs and radios this Wednesday. The test cannot be opted out of.
  •  Apple has stopped offering customer support for issues with third-party apps, instead referring users to general support pages.
  • A rare Nintendo 64 controller is expected to sell for around $1,200 at auction due to its collectible status.
  •  Tesla announced it produced over 430,000 vehicles in Q3 2022, a 25% increase year-over-year but below Wall Street targets.
  • Data theft is now the biggest worry for IT admins, surpassing ransomware in a recent survey.
  • NASA’s Hubble telescope photographed two galaxies in the process of merging 465 million light years away.
  • Tom Hanks called out a dental ad for using an AI-generated deepfake of him without permission.
  • Meta admitted it uses billions of public Instagram posts to train its AI systems. This may lead to legal battles over content rights.
  • AI-generated deepfakes were used to spread disinformation in Slovakia’s recent elections.
  • A Nintendo 64 controller from 1998 sold for $1,200 at auction due to its rare color variant.
  • Apple says iPhone 15 overheating issues were due to an iOS bug and some third-party apps overloading the system. Fixes are rolling out.
  • A Lyft driver allegedly drove off with a passenger’s cat, leading to a search effort before the cat was found days later.
  • Politicians in Poland are pushing the EU to move faster on adopting digital IDs that could be stored in mobile apps.
  • NASA’s New Horizons probe, which did a Pluto flyby in 2015, has been granted a mission extension to 2029.
  • The NSA has opened an AI Security Center to try to maintain US leadership in AI development for national security.
  • Investor Bill Ackman said he would be “absolutely” interested in a deal with Elon Musk’s Twitter. His fund just raised $1.5 billion.
  • Humane, a startup by ex-Apple executives, previewed its AI Pin wearable assistant at Paris Fashion Week ahead of a November 9th unveiling.
  • Tom Hanks called out a dental ad for using an AI-generated deepfake of him without permission.

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