OpenAI’s Explosive Valuation Surge #1695

In a striking development, OpenAI, known for the celebrated AI chatbot ChatGPT, is discussing a remarkable share sale, potentially valuing the startup between $80 billion and $90 billion, a substantial leap from earlier this year. As OpenAI’s momentum surges with over 100 million active users of ChatGPT and the development of innovative AI technologies like DALL-E 2 and Codex, this share sale signifies a pivotal moment. It underscores the escalating interest in AI investments and highlights the intensifying U.S.-China competition in the AI arena.

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Show Notes:

Full Show Summary:

  • Microsoft is trying to reduce its reliance on OpenAI by developing a cheaper, less powerful AI model. They want to avoid the high costs of running advanced AI models.
  • The UK quietly dismissed its independent AI advisory board, alarming the tech sector. The panel offered guidelines to organizations on AI deployment.
  • You can no longer upgrade to Windows 10 for free anymore. Microsoft closed the loophole, allowing free upgrades from Windows 7/8.
  • Apple’s new iPhone 15 Pro is overheating for some users in specific scenarios like charging and using intensive apps. This could be an issue Apple needs to address.
  • Twitter will now force ads on all users as it increases monetization. Users can no longer opt out of having their activity tracked for ads.
  • The podcast awards are on Saturday and will be streamed live. Todd is busy preparing content for the awards show.
  • SpaceX secured a $70 million contract with the Space Force for its Star Shield-connected satellite network aimed at government entities.
  • Google is rushing to patch a zero-day vulnerability that a spyware vendor was exploiting. Users should update devices.
  • After four years, Raspberry Pi launched the Pi 5 with improved performance and PCIe support. It starts at $60.
  • Nvidia’s French offices were raided regarding anti-competitive practices as Nvidia dominates AI.
  • The government shutdown could furlough over 80% of the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency staff.
  • Fitbit launched the Charge 6 fitness tracker with improved health sensors and a physical button. It costs $159.
  • Epic Games is cutting around 830 jobs, around 16% of its workforce. This includes plans to sell off Bandcamp and SuperAwesome.
  • Disney’s password-sharing crackdown begins in Canada on November 1st. They are following Netflix’s lead in reducing account sharing.
  • The first radio telescope on the moon’s far side, called LUSEE, will launch in 2025 to detect signals from the cosmic dark ages.
  • GameStop replaced its ousted CEO with billionaire Ryan Cohen, who acquired a stake in the company in 2020.
  • Judge approved giving FTX’s Sam Bankman-Fried appropriate business attire to wear at his trial since he’s currently behind bars.
  • Former astronaut Frank Rubio returned home after a record-breaking 371 days in orbit, the longest for any American.
  • Google added a switch for sites to opt out of being used as AI training data via an extended robots.txt flag.

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