ChatGPT Now Speaks and Sees #1694

OpenAI is revolutionizing communication with ChatGPT by introducing new voice and image capabilities. This significant update allows users to voice conversations or visually show ChatGPT what they are discussing. Snapping a picture of a landmark while traveling or your fridge at home can start a live discussion about interesting aspects or help determine what’s for dinner with additional follow-up questions for recipes. The update, available to Plus and Enterprise users, brings ChatGPT to iOS and Android, offering voice and image options to all platforms. This advancement comes as Big Tech firms heavily invest in AI-powered voice assistants, aiming to expand their functionality beyond basic tasks.

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Show Notes:

The complete Podcast show summary is as follows:

  • Amazon is investing $4 billion into AI development, with Anthropic becoming its primary cloud provider. This strengthens Amazon’s position in the AI space.
  • California’s governor vetoed a bill that would have required human safety operators in autonomous trucks over 10,000 lbs. This leaves the door open for driverless trucking in the future.
  • Netflix’s DVD-by-mail service, which ships around 4,500 discs per hour, relied on custom robotic automation technology to process returns. This saved labor costs and set Netflix on its growth trajectory.
  • Online TV piracy is rising in Europe as consumers feel economic pressures and seek cheaper content access. Streaming has become the preferred piracy method.
  • The Writer’s Guild strike may end as major studios have reached a tentative deal after marathon negotiations. AI was one of the final sticking points.
  • The Instacart founder said having an empty fridge except for hot sauce inspired him to enable online grocery delivery. He became a billionaire after the recent IPO.
  • Google Pixel 8 and 8 Pro pricing has leaked, with the base 8 model potentially increasing by $100 over the Pixel 7. The Pro may be $899.
  • NASA successfully recovered samples from the asteroid Bennu, completing the OSIRIS-REx mission.
  • The US government is considering requiring public cloud companies to disclose when customers purchase above a certain level of computing resources. This aims to identify potential AI threats.
  • Spotify is testing AI-powered voice translations for some podcasts into other languages using tech from OpenAI and Microsoft.
  • The USPTO surprisingly still accepts patent and trademark submissions via fax in some cases but is open to exploring cloud solutions.
  • Air Canada reported a data breach where an unauthorized group obtained limited personal information on some employees.
  • Reddit is introducing a monetization feature where users can cash out “Reddit Gold” given for their posts into real money.
  • Apple executive Eddie Cue will testify in court this week for the Department of Justice’s antitrust lawsuit against Google.
  • The iPad Mini 7 could still launch by the end of 2023, according to supply chain sources, building on the success of the iPad Mini 6.
  • NASA plans to test storing data on the moon using blockchain technology and solar-powered storage cubes as a lunar backup.
  • Evernote accidentally upgraded some users to more expensive plans without notice – users should check their accounts.
  • The city of Dallas approved $8.5 million for recovery from a May 2022 ransomware attack that resulted in over 1TB of exfiltrated data.
  • Amazon is moving its free Alexa “Guard” home security features behind a $6 monthly paywall starting next year.
  • DJI unveiled the Mini 3 Pro drone, an iterative update over the Mini 3 that draws comparisons to a “Mini Air 3”.
  • IFIXIT found the iPhone 15 Pro Max slightly easier to open but still challenging to swap parts due to pairing requirements.
  • According to new simulations, fast-spinning black holes devour stars quicker than scientists previously thought.
  • Getty Images announced its new AI art generator contains no copyrighted content and will cover any customer IP disputes.
  • Gmail’s Android app adds a “select all” option to help quickly delete up to 50 emails from search results or the inbox.
  • Apple executives Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi will testify this week in the DOJ’s antitrust case against Google, mostly behind closed doors.
  • PCWorld discussed five dangerous WiFi hacking attacks and how to protect against them, like keeping routers updated and using VPNs.
  • The EU considers requiring disclosure when cloud computing resources above a certain level are purchased to identify potential AI threats.
  • Apple may launch an iPad Mini 7 before the end of 2023 based on supply chain reports, building on the iPad Mini 6’s success.
  • The WGA strike may soon end as studios offered concessions on streaming and AI issues after marathon negotiations. But SAG-AFTRA is still on strike.
  • Instacart’s founder said having hot sauce in his fridge inspired the grocery delivery service. He became a billionaire after the recent IPO.
  • Spotify is testing AI voice translations for some podcasts using tech from OpenAI and Microsoft. But quality concerns exist around inflection and tone.

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