TikTok Fined: Europe Privacy Breach #1692

European regulators have issued a hefty $368 million fine to TikTok for failing to safeguard children’s privacy. This marks the first instance of the renowned video-sharing app facing penalties for violating Europe’s rigorous data privacy regulations. TikTok, on their part, said this had been fixed for years. But one thing is sure: European governments, aka EU, love to get their pound of flesh out of big companies.

Tech Fines, Software Updates, and Lost Fighter Jets – A Look at the Latest Tech News

Several interesting tech stories have recently made headlines, ranging from significant companies getting fined to software updates causing user problems. Here’s a rundown of some notable tech news covered in a recent Geek News Central podcast episode.

Apple and Microsoft Release Major Software Updates Apple rolled out updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS in mid-September. However, some users report issues like Macs failing to boot after installation. Podcasters using specific Intel-based machines are advised not to update yet. Meanwhile, a Windows 11 update has also caused some users gaming glitches, boot failures, and other problems. Software updates often bring bugs, and it’s best not to rush into installing them immediately.

NASA Spacecraft Returning with Asteroid Samples NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft is finally set to deliver asteroid samples it collected in space back to Earth after a seven-year mission. The samples will land in a Utah desert on September 24th. Studying these early space materials could provide insights into the solar system’s history and composition. OSIRIS-REx is the first NASA mission to retrieve asteroid samples.

F-35 Fighter Jet Goes Missing In a bizarre news story, an advanced F-35 stealth fighter jet went missing following an incident that forced the pilot to eject. The $160 million aircraft then continued before presumably crashing in South Carolina. The military has been unable to locate the wreckage of the missing plane so far. Each F-35 costs around $100-160 million, depending on the variant.

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Show Notes:

Complete Summary of today’s Podcast

  • Europe fined TikTok $368 million for violating data privacy laws related to child safety.
  • Apple releases major software updates for iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and watchOS.
  • NASA’s OSIRIS-REx spacecraft will deliver an asteroid sample to Utah in late September.
  • GE is developing AI-powered ultrasounds to help detect cancer and other health issues.
  • Cloud misconfigurations are responsible for the majority of cyberattacks, according to the report.
  • Mars Perseverance rover discovers volcanic rock and other findings after over two years on Mars.
  • Microsoft AI researchers exposed terabytes of sensitive internal data accidentally.
  • The music industry made $8.4 billion in the first half of 2022, but artists only getting pennies from streaming.
  • Google is no longer selling domains now that the Squarespace acquisition is complete.
  • Windows 11 update causing boot failures, gaming glitches, and other issues.
  • Charter and Disney bundle Disney+ Basic and ESPN+ with Spectrum TV packages.
  • F-35 fighter jet crashed in South Carolina, and the military is searching for the missing $160 million aircraft.
  • Microsoft AI researchers exposed terabytes of sensitive internal data on GitHub.
  • Amazon is holding a Prime Early Access sales event on October 10-11.
  • MGM’s Las Vegas casinos were hacked, causing disruptions like broken slot machines.
  • California passed a bill to set up a one-stop data deletion portal for residents.
  • Evidence shows most cyberattacks stem from cloud misconfigurations.
  • ChatGPT was found to be more creative than humans in certain tests.
  • Casino cybercrime group has already attacked over 100 companies.
  • SpaceX completed an engine test for Artemis 3 moon lander.
  • X paying users can now verify accounts with government IDs.
  • Moon is slowly drifting farther away from Earth, eventually impacting day length.
  • Steve Jobs Archive helped 9 people follow in his footsteps through a fellowship program.
  • Google and the Department of Defense are building AI-powered microscopes to detect cancer.
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook discussed creating a clean energy future.
  • When workers are in the office, TikTok tracking wants them back full time.
  • Only big companies like Apple can effectively implement clean energy at scale.
  • A new cable bundle deal was reached between Disney and Charter Communications.
  • Military searching for missing F-35 stealth fighter jet in South Carolina.
  • Moon drifting 3.82 cm away from Earth each year will impact day length over time.

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