Rubio Breaks US Orbit Record #1691

American astronaut Frank Rubio has surpassed the previous US record for the most extended stay in orbit, marking over 355 days aboard the International Space Station (ISS). Initially scheduled for a six-month mission, circumstances changed due to a rocket leak, extending his stay. Rubio, who has witnessed 28 fellow astronauts come and go, is set to reach an astonishing 371 days by his scheduled return on September 27. Reflecting on his experience, Rubio shared insights into the challenges and blessings of life in space. Congratulations and best wishes for a safe return.

I also discuss my experience in renting a Tesla.

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Show Notes:

Show Summary

The show covered news about upcoming Apple products like the iPhone 15 Pro, Apple Watch Series 9, and a new titanium iPhone. America’s largest video rental store, Scarecrow, is launching a nationwide DVD/Blu-ray rental service. Elon Musk had to take random drug tests for two years after smoking weed on Joe Rogan’s podcast. A US astronaut broke the NASA record for the longest single spaceflight at over 355 days.

AI continues to shake up news – DC tech leaders endorsed AI regulations at a recent summit. Biden administration providing $100 million to fix broken EV chargers. A ransomware gang took credit for disrupting MGM Resort’s cyber attack. North Korean hackers stole $53 million in cryptocurrency from CoinEX. Google Play Protect is improving protection against malicious apps. Todd talked about trying a rental Tesla in Phoenix and not being impressed with the ride comfort due to the heavy battery weight. He also discussed a new book about Elon Musk that should reveal exciting details.

Other topics included pig kidneys working in human bodies, wheelchair-accessible robotaxis, hard drive storage innovations, Twitter severance lawsuits, and more. Google plans to save us from AI deep fakes during the US presidential race. Beijing’s free social media service Mini World was blocked for a month after letting kids see porn. Honda is bringing back its 1980s Micro Com scooter in an electric version. Coca-Cola is using AI to create a futuristic new soda flavor called Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Y3000 for limited release.

Amazon announced a $40 million fund for affordable housing and home ownership. A cyberattack disrupted systems at MGM Resorts. California passed a strong right-to-repair bill requiring 7 years of parts availability.

Walmart wants to have associates, not gig workers, deliver more orders. Tesla is close to a new car-building process that could reduce costs significantly. A former Twitter employee is suing Musk over missing severance pay. SpaceX has a launch of Starlink satellites coming up. Cruise unveiled an accessible self-driving robotaxi designed for wheelchair users. Western Digital launched new high-capacity 22TB and 44TB external hard drives. Chromebooks will get ten years of automatic updates. Android Auto will let drivers take Zoom and WebEx calls.

Todd also commented on his recent travel to Phoenix, eating out and grocery delivery experiences, his regular show schedule, and becoming a new grandfather again. He encouraged listeners to share the podcast.

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