Three Top Executives Quit Trump Social

It is no secret that Truth Social has had some problems. Reuters reported that there is a Truth Social app for iPhone, but none for Android. According to Reuters, many who downloaded the app on their iPhone are on a waiting list, unable to access the platform.

Trump Media & Technology Group Chief Executive Devin Nunes, a former Republican congressman, said publicly that the company aimed to make the app fully operational within the United States by the end of March. We are now in April, and it appears that the waiting list problem still exists.

Reuters was the first to report that Josh Adams and Billy Boozer, Truth Social’s chiefs of technology and product development have both resigned. They lasted less than a year. Reuters obtained this information from interviews with eight people with knowledge of Truth Social’s activities, all of whom spoke on condition of anonymity. Billy Boozer declined to comment to Reuters and Josh Adams did not respond to a request from Reuters.

The exit of two executives critical to the app-launch efforts could imperil the company’s progress as it tries to prove it can compete with mainstream platforms such as Twitter, said two people familiar with the company…

According to Reuters, Josh Adams and Billy Boozer worked below Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky, both former castmates on “The Apprentice,” Trump’s reality TV show. The two men had reportedly been the “senior, day-to-day leadership” running the company. Reuters could not determine the specific job titles or responsibilities of Wes Moss and Andy Litinsky.

Politico reported that Lori Heyer-Bednar, Truth Social’s chief legal officer, has also quit.

According to Politico, Trump has been upset with the state of his social media venture, Truth Social, and is eying major shake-ups to the company, including positions on the board of Truth Social’s parent company, Trump Media and Technology Group. This information comes from two people familiar with the matter and a separate person as well.

It seems to me that a social media app that has a waiting list on iPhone and is nonexistent on Android is going to have problems attracting users. Having three top executives quit, in rapid succession, is very likely going to halt progress in improving the existing app and in creating one for Android. As a result, a frustrated Trump appears to be ready to go back to his days on “The Apprentice” by telling an unknown number of people, “You’re fired.”