Clicbot Education Robot at CES 2020

Clicbot is a lovable robot that plays games, dances, climbs up walls and serves coffee, with smart modular building blocks that make it 10,000 robots in one. Get a glimpse of KEYI Tech’s Clicbot at Sands Expo, Hall A-D, Booth #44764 at CES 2020.

Clicbot is made of smart building blocks that you click together to build new creations. Among Clicbot’s physical abilities include: walking, wall climbing, dancing, racing, and drawing. It can also play games like: Trivia, Red Light Green Light, Get to the Center Spot, Ghost Catcher, Ball Chaser, and Distance Keeper. It has over 200 interactions.

The ClicBot Academy has ten twenty-minute video courses for all levels, and HQ content that’s fun to watch and follow. Kids can learn drag-and-drop coding in the form of block-based coding based on Blockly by Google, with editable Python in the background for advanced users.

The brain part of Clicbot includes: camera & face recognition, camera light, screen, battery light, touch sensors on the casing, a microphone, a type-C port, and an on/off switch. The rest of Clickbot can be formed from a variety of building block parts which allow users to attach joints, build a skeleton, and add a distance sensor. Feet can be made of pressure sensors, suction cups, or wheels.

Thousands of setups in one, Clicbot is more than just a robot.

  •  50+ Out-of-The Box applications
  • Unique eye animations created by Pixar masterminds
  • 3D real-time model synchronization
  • 30+ online STEAM courses & in-app content-sharing community
  • Industrial high-precision control algorithms
  • Affordable and competitive prices for consumers