Google Will Restrict Ad Blocker Extensions to Only Enterprise Users

Google is going implement Manifest V3, that will stop current ad blockers from working efficiently, on Chrome. Enterprise users, however, will be able to continue to use ad blockers. In short, if you want to block ads, and want to use Google products – you have to give Google some money.

Google is essentially saying that Chrome will still have the capability to block unwanted content, but this will be restricted to only paid, enterprise users of Chrome. This is likely to allow enterprise customers to develop in-house Chrome extensions, not for ad blocking usage.

For the rest of us, Google hasn’t budged on their changes to content blockers, meaning that ad blockers will need to switch to a less effective, rules-based system. This system is how blockers like AdBlock Plus currently work.

9To5 Google recommends Firefox as an alternative to Google Chrome. Firefox is available on all platforms. It supports browser extensions on Android, including uBlock Origin and other privacy extensions.

Personally, I think Google is going to lose users as a result of this change. Their assumption seems to be that the majority of people who currently use Chrome are willing and able to spend money on enterprise. Or, maybe Google doesn’t realize that people who use ad blockers are doing so intentionally for very valid reasons.

Maybe Google thinks that breaking ad blocking extensions is a good way for Google to make money from ads. I believe this will backfire as people flee Chrome in favor of Firefox (or Safari, for Mac users).