Olive Healthcare Measures Belly Fat with Bello at CES 2019

Olive Healthcare Inc., will promote the Bello belly fat scanner at CES 2019. Bello is the first product to quantitatively measure belly fat based on near-infrared technology. Bello works with its own app to analyze the measured data.

Bello helps consumers to measure their own belly fat anytime and anywhere, without having to go to a hospital for a belly CT scan. This has a strongly preventative function, as belly fat constitutes a higher risk factor than just an obesity: recent studies have shown that people with normal BMI and overfat have twice the mortality than those who have obesity or who are overweight.

Bello measures the belly fat quantities in just three seconds with a one-button operation. An integrated mobile app analyzes the risk and status of the measured values and presents personalized dietary and exercise guidelines based on big data analysis. Users can manage their belly fat with a healthy habit of constantly using a Bello and its app, creating a healthy and stylish body.

At CES 2019, Olive Healthcare has a promotion where they will give a $5 Amazon coupon to those who visited the Olive Healthcare booth and who friended Olive Healthcare on Facebook after measuring belly fat with Bello. This event will be held throughout the CES 2019, and coupons will be limited to 85 people a day on a first-come, first-served basis.

Bello will be shipped in 2019. Olive Healthcare plans to provide Bello to customers via Amazon in the third quarter of 2019. A Bello and its app bundle will cost $249 and will require no additional service charges.

Visit Bello at CES 2019 at Sands Hall A-D, Booth #43656.