Guardian Angel Wearable Monitors Vitals at CES 2019

Aulisa Medical USA Inc., released the first of its Guardian Angel Rx line of wireless, wearable continuous vitals monitoring and alarm systems to improve patient safety and address the evolving health care landscape.

Aulisa’s current line of vitals monitoring systems provides wireless, continuous remote monitoring to avoid inconsistencies in spot-checking vitals and provide earlier detection of patient vital sign abnormalities and give alarm to care-takers.

Aulisa’s first two Guardian Angel vitals monitoring systems are the GA1000 Rx for local use (within 32.8 foot/10 meters radius) and GA2000 Rx with remote monitoring capabilities via Internet or Intranet, as well as other additional features.

All Aulisa Guardian Angel Rx devices include the following:

  • Continuous vitals monitoring, once per second
  • Early detection visual and audio alarms that alert caretakers of patient vital sign abnormalities
  • Wearable, wireless system with sensors for adults, pediatric, and infant users
  • Unique serial code on sensor that pairs with tabletop display unit (included in system) to ensure exact patient pairing and to avoid patient data being sent to wrong display unit.
  • Double encrypted, using both AES-128 data encryption as well as an Aulisa Private encryption method for optimal security
  • Rechargable 22-hour lithium ion battery, making it ideal for wireless monitoring within reasonably long period and for transport situations
  • Convenient remote viewing of display unit by wireless internet-connected devices with the Aulisa app (available on iOS and Android devices) provides comfort and peace of mind for loved ones, and for patients when not with display unit in remote care situations

Guardian Angel Rx GA2000 Series products include all the features of the GA1000, plus the following:

  • Three minutes of data surrounding alarm events (starting 30 seconds before and ending 150 seconds after) is recorded and saved for optimal convenience in quickly locating and viewing most relevant patient data
  • Patient video (with night vision) and audio
  • Remote, cloud-based monitoring via display unit, with no distance restrictions

The Guardian Angel Rx GA1000 is FDA cleared and now available for purchase; the GA2000 has FDA clearance pending and is scheduled for a Spring 2019 release.

Visita Aulisa at CES 2019 at Eureka Park, Booth #51322.