ProGlove Smart Glove for Industry at CES 2019

ProGlove develops smart gloves that enable manufacturing and logistics staff to work faster, safer and easier. Process steps can be documented hands-free, giving instant feedback to the user. It is a game changer for improving worker efficiency and ergonomics.

ProGlove is the first smart glove designed specifically for industry with an integrated barcode scanner in an ergonomic wearable package. The ProGlove scanner is an ergonomic solution to scan hands free, creating faster, more efficient logistic and manufacturing processes. Each scanner attaches to the top of the glove while in use and detaches to recharge with 10+ hours of battery life.

Key Product Features:

Plug and Play: The ProGlove scanner can be set up using virtually any existing software/hardware infrastructure and requires minimal setup.

Worker Feedback: Worker Feedback assists the operator by providing visual, haptic, and acoustic feedback process steps directly on the device helping to eliminate operator error.

Ergonomic Design: Focused on the end user’s experience, ProGlove is an ergonomic and incredibly lightweight scanning solution that replaces traditional bulky, inefficient, and cumbersome barcode scanners.

ProGlove provides three different types of wearables designed for a variety of work environments including standard gloves for logistics and production, hand wraps where no protection is needed, and index finger support wraps for fine motor work in assembly and logistics areas.

Visit ProGlove at CES 2019 Sands, Hall G, Booth #52302.