Ozobot Teaches Kids to Code at CES 2018

Ozobot is on a mission to prepare kids for the future with the ability to collaborate with and control robots. They believe robots will be a huge part of almost every profession. Ozobot has created a fun way to teach kids how to write code that will make a pocket-sized robot do something. Creativity is encouraged.

Don spoke with Joby from Ozobot at CES 2018. Joby demonstrated some of the things that the Evo robot can do. Each Evo has optical sensors. Right out of the box, without being app connected, a child can start playing with Evo. First, a child draws a line on a regular piece of paper with a marker. Evo will follow any line a child draws.

Kids can learn some simple programming skills by creating a line that includes colored dot sequences that tell Evo how to move. In addition, Evo can be used to make music or to play games. The little robot can follow your finger around, and can play an “Escape” game where it tries to avoid your hands.

In addition to the robot, Ozobot gives kids the codes for all of Evos tricks and encourages them to hack it. They can earn points by making Evo do different things. The points can be used to buy avatars.

Evo is available now from Amazon and the Ozobot website. It costs $89.99 and comes in Crystal White or Titanium Black. Evo comes with instruction cards, markers, a free iOS/Android app, and access to OzoBlockly Programming.

Don Baine is the Gadget Professor and gives lectures at TheGadgetProfessor.com

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