Eco-Popper is the World’s First Digital Popper at CES 2018

Avid anglers who enjoy participating in fishing competitions are typically not allowed to use live bait. Instead, they must use an artificial lure. Econet has created Eco-Popper, the world’s first digital popper.

Scott Ertz spoke with Dani from Econet at CES 2018. Dani presented the Eco-Popper, a new category of smart lure. (The one demonstrated at CES 2018 had its hooks removed, for safety.) Anglers use a lure to entice fish. The fish think the lure is food, and they bite it.

Eco-Popper is unique. It has a small computer inside of it, and a camera at the back of the lure. The Eco-Popper can show a live stream of what is happening under the water. The video can be instructive for those who failed to catch a fish. They can watch the video later and learn what to do differently. The Eco-Popper also has sensors that record the water’s temperature and salinity.

The video can be put on YouTube. The app becomes an automatic social media network for people who fish. Eco-Popper can be purchased from the Econet website. The retail price is $239, but they currently are offering a pre-order price of $179.

Scott Ertz is a software developer and video producer at F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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