Ovie Smart Food Storage at CES 2018

Are you sure those leftovers are still safe to eat? You may have forgotten how long the food has been in the refrigerator. This causes us to throw away food – that might still be good – because we are afraid of getting sick from it. Ovie solves this problem with their smart food storage products.

Todd spoke with Stacie from Ovie at CES 2018. Ovie created smarterware – smart food storage that is designed to help you track, remember, and use the food that is in your fridge before it goes bad. It is a system of smart tags, containers, clips, and bands.

Put the tag on your food container and push a button. Tell your favorite digital assistant (Alexa, Google Assistant, or Siri) to tell Ovie what the food is. This will trigger Ovie to track the food for you for four days. A green light on the tag indicates that the food is safe to eat.

A yellow light indicates the food should be eaten soon. When that happens, you will get a notification on your phone reminding you to eat that food. In addition, you will get a recipe recommendation that uses that food and that is based on the foods that you already have at home. Ovie makes any fridge into a smart fridge.

Ovie is planning a Kickstarter. Those who are interested can get on a list and be the first to know when the Kickstarter launches. They estimate they will start shipping product in fall of 2018. A set of three smart tags with the universal mount will be $59. A set of three containers (with the tags included) will be $89.

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