LIVALL Helmetphone Keeps Your Hands on Your Bike at CES 2018

People who ride their bikes on the street must share the road with cars. Wearing a helmet can protect your head. If you need to signal a turn, you have to take your hands off your handlebars. LIVALL has solved this problem with Helmetphone. It lets you keep your hands on your bike.

Marissa spoke with You Cheng from LIVALL at CES 2018. A traditional bike helmet protects your head. Helmetphone can do that, and also has many other ways to help you stay safe on the road. Helmetphone has LED lights on the back of the helmet. Use a controller that is mounted on your handlebars to control the LED lights. This allows bike riders to easily let the people behind them know that they are about to make a left turn, or a right turn.

Helmetphone has speakers and a microphone on the inside. This allows bike riders to take a call while they are riding, without having to take their phone out of their pocket. Use the controller to take the call, to end the call, and to control the music you listen to. The speakers allow you to hear your music and to hear what is happening on the street.

If you fall, Helmetphone can automatically send a message to your emergency contact. Helmetphone is waterproof. Charge it for three hours and you can use it for a whole day. Helmetphone is priced at $159 and you can purchase it from the LIVALL website.

Marissa Schiereck is a contributor to F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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