Massage Your Body and Mind with Aurasens at CES 2018

According to their website, the Aurasens Lounger is “your trans-sensory vessel to audio-haptic pleasure“. That’s some claim for a massage chair with headphones. Todd relaxes with Olivier, CEO, to see if the Aurasens Lounger lives up to its promises.

Calling the Aurasens a massage chair is a little like calling the Bugatti Veyron Grand Sport a convertible. Technically it’s correct but the Aurasens lounger uses luxury materials and specially augmented pieces that co-ordinates the massage effect with the music. Think of a glissando complemented by waves of motion along the arms, all in sync with the music. Aurasens has a selection of sensations, from pop pieces to new music and ambient sounds.

Currently the Aurasens is being marketed at hotels, airline lounges, events and high-net worth individuals. Usually rented by the day or month, it’s €10,000 to buy.

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