Kulr Technology Brings Carbon Fiber Cooling to CES

Kulr LogoJust about anything that uses electricity produces heat. As computing devices become more advanced and more powerful, they can become true heat machines. But heat inside a computer can be destructive. That’s why it’s important for computers to have reliable heatsinks that help to dissipate the heat they create.

Todd had a chat with Michael from Kulr Technology. (The company name is actually pronounced “cooler,” get it?) Kulr Technology specializes in carbon fiber heatsinks. The company is building on its 30 years of cooling-tech experience, where its products have been used on the International Space Station, the Mars Rover, the Mercury Messenger, and more. Kulr is also expanding its offerings to industries like AI computing, autonomous driving, and 5G wireless networks.

Todd Cochrane is the host of the twice-weekly Geek News Central Podcast at GeekNewsCentral.com.

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