Lioness Helps Improve Your Sex Life at CES 2018

Lioness is both the name of the company and the name of their product. The Lioness vibrator is the platform for exploring and improving your sex life, alone or with a partner. The data on the Lioness app can be used as a conversation starter with your partner.

Colton visited the Lioness booth at CES 2018 and spoke with Liz. The Lioness vibrator uses biofeedback technology to help you learn more about your own sexual response. It has several sensors, including two force sensors on each side and a temperature sensor.

There is an optional Lioness app that can show you the data it collected while the Lioness vibrator was in use. The app can show you what your own sexual response looks like. You can add more information into the app if you want to keep track of additional variables. The data provides a conversation piece for people to use to discuss their sexuality with their partner.

The Lioness vibrator is chargeable by USB. It is on the market now and can be purchased from It is priced at $299 (plus shipping).

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