HELPER Rescue Drone was Introduced at CES 2018

HELPER is a drone that was designed with lifesaving in mind. It allows lifeguards to drop a self inflating buoy in close proximity to a victim that is in danger. Helper Drone is useful for lifesaving at sea.

Todd visited HELPER at CES 2018 and spoke with Anthony. HELPER is a piece of technology that offers reliable and secure navigation. It is ultra stable, and helps save lives, even in winds of up to 50 km/h. With speeds of up to 55 km/hr, and its precision to the meter, it enables speedy and controlled recovery. HELPER can climb to an altitude of 10 m/s and weighs 3.9 kilograms.

When a lifeguard sees a person in the water who needs help, the lifeguard can use an app to deploy HELPER. The drone will automatically launch and go to the location the lifeguard selected. The camera on HELPER will show what is happening at the scene. The lifeguard can view the video. When the lifeguard clicks on the victim, the HELPER drone will drop a lifejacket in close proximity of the victim. The lifejacket inflates once it hits the water.

HELPER has been used in France, but has not come to the United States yet. In France, a municipality pays $700 USD per year per drone for the HELPER service.

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