Reflexion Edge Tests Athletes for Concussions at CES

Reflexion LogoA lot of news has been made in recent years about athletes getting concussions as a result of their athletic careers. The tricky thing about concussions is, they’re hard to detect. That means a player could start on the road to real concussion-related problems long before there’s an actual concussion diagnosis.

Reflexion is working to change that with The Reflexion Edge. This innovative health product provides a 30-second on-site test that players can take if they’ve received a hard hit during a game. Reflexion Edge is foldable, so it can be used anywhere, and since the test it provides doesn’t take long, it can be done during a standard game break. If a coach or manager suspects a player might be injured, they can have that player immediately screened for a concussion to determine if the player should be removed from the game.

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