Lumzag Introduced the World’s Most Secure Backpack at CES 2018

One of the problems people face when they travel is the security of their bags or backpacks. There is potential that a thief will open your backpack and steal your items while you are sleeping on the plane. Or, a thief might steal your entire backpack. Lumzag has a solution that can prevent both of these problems. Lumzag introduced the world’s most secure backpack at CES 2018.

Todd stopped by the Lumzag booth to speak with Natalie. She pointed out the many wonderful features of the Lumzag backpack.

It has mobile tracking so you will always know where your backpack is. A remote anti-theft alarm will be activated if your backpack is stolen. The Lumzag backpack has embedded cameras that can take a photo of the person who opens your backpack without your permission. The backpack has its own power bank that is charged with solar power. The Lumzag backpack also functions as a Wi-Fi hotspot.

The price of the Lumzag backpack has not yet been determined. They are going to launch a crowdfunding effort. Those who want to be the first to know when the Lumzag backpack is ready can sign up on the Lumzag website and be put on a waitlist.

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