Silent Space Brings the Sound of Silence to CES 2018

Silent Space is a French company that has created a device that can spread harmony in shared offices. Silent Space is an active and connected sound masking solution dedicated to improving comfort and concentration. It reduces the annoying noise made by your co-workers.

Silent space has been developed in order to control ambient noises in shared workspace. It spreads a soft and neutral signal which improves the acoustic comfort of the room and the acoustic environment of each work station.

The Silent Space system is placed in several locations to achieve a homogeneous result. Silent Space signal is produced by small speakers called difusers. They are controlled by a unit fitted with a sound scanner. This unit is called a controller.

This Silent Space sound masking method decreases the intelligibility of distant conversations. It also covers disruptive noises such as: conversations and noises of people, and noise from technical devices (such as air conditioning, printers, etc.)

Silent Space helps increase privacy, by reducing the intelligibility of distant conversations. It helps improve concentration by reducing the discomfort of noise peaks. Improved concentration periods enhance worker’s performance. Silent Space increases comfort by making each work station less sensitive to noise variations.

Visit Silent Space at CES 2018 in The Venetian, Eureka Park Tech West booth# 50874