Azulle Byte 3 Mini PC Review – Windows 10 Pro – Review

This is the second mini PC I have reviewed from Azulle. The Azulle Byte 3 Mini PC running Windows 10 Pro is the absolute perfect media PC that will play 4k Video at 60 frames per second. One thing to keep in mind with these Mini PC’s they will do everything a regular desktop or laptop can do.  The only real limitations are that you’re not running a high-end processor and by default, you do not get much storage with this device. I added a 256gb SSD drive that I installed in the devices available mount as it comes with 32gb of onboard storage which you will eat up pretty quick depending on what your install.

The desktop is standard Windows 10 interface with all the features you come to expect. My choice to use this as a media center made integration real easy. I mapped the NAS device that has all our music and videos that we have stored. I also installed Netflix and a number of other media apps. Testing the device with 4k videos was flawless which really impressed me. The box comes with all the major connections and I chose to use a Bluetooth wireless keyboard with an integrated mouse to control it. Azulle delivers it with an I.R remote as well.

So far as specs go it has a Quad-Core Intel Apollo Lake N3450 Chipset with 4gb of LPDDR3 ram. There is an 8gb option on their website. It comes with 32gb of storage and has an M2 / SATA Slot. Like I mentioned earlier it will doe 4k at 60fps. There is aSD card slot that will accept at 256gb SD card, 1x USB Type-C Port, 3x USB 3.0 Ports, 1x USB 2.0 Port, 1x VGA, 1x HDMI Port, 1GB Ethernet Port, Audio Output Jack, Dual Band 2.4/5.0GHZ Wifi, Bluetooth 4.0.

The footprint of the Byte 3 Mini Pc is tiny and will even attach to the VESA mount using an optional purchased adapter. The physical dimensions are 5.6 in x 4 in x 1.5 in.

We have used the previous Mini Pc from Azulle a great deal. But this upgrade is significant and the performance increase is really noticeable. Priced at $199 you really cannot go wrong for a media center PC. But the application really does not stop there it could be used in a conference room for Video conferencing, used to power digital signage or even used as a file server through an attached array. With low power consumption and all the features, you’re used to in Windows 10 Pro you really cannot go wrong. This product has my highest recommendation.


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