OtterBox Brings uniVERSE Phone and Tablet Cases to CES

Otterbox LogoWho’d ever have imagined that the truly most powerful and (potentially) versatile devices we’d own would turn out to be our cell phones. But in the era of the modern smartphone, that’s exactly what’s come to pass. People are using mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to do way more than just take calls. And while these devices have an impressive array of features built-in, their usefulness can be infinitely extended thru the use of accessories.

Todd met with Kristen at the OtterBox booth during CES. Kristen educated Todd about the new OtterBox line of phone and tablet cases called uniVERSE. The uniVERSE case system creates a full ecosystem of possibilities for adding all kinds of accessories to phones and tablets, while leaving the uniVERSE base case on the device. uniVerse cases and accessories start at $59.95 and should be on the market by the end of first quarter 2017.

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