Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam Review

c922The Logitech C922 Pro Stream Webcam is the long awaited replacement for the Logitech C920. I have been a fan of the C920 as I have at two of them shared between the studio and travel kit. The C920 has been the go to Webcam for a lot of folks for a long time. So when the C922 was announced I hit the Logitech team up and they where nice enough to send one over for a review.

Sadly as of this date 10-16-2016 the Logitech site does not have updated drivers for Windows 10. This was disappointing as the standard Windows drivers do not allow for the camera to be used in the 1080p at 30 frames video record mode that is advertised. I am not fully sure why Logitech has not yet released drivers for the camera but that is the case.

Fit Form wise the Webcam looks nearly identical to the C920 and from a image quality standpoint it does considerably better in low light than it’s predecessor. In all honesty though I was expecting a little more of a bump in image quality.  The image below was during daylight houes and no overhead lighting turned on, which is really important to folks as that is where most webcams fail. In the default setting the camera needed a contrast adjustment which I had a hard time dialing in with no lights on.


Many gamers use the virtual Personify ChromaCam, and testing that function it did a great job in blocking the background when the camera was directly in front of me. If it was off to the side it had a bit of a problem, but that is to be expected when the camera is slightly shadowed.

Included with the Webcam was a mini desktop tripod and of course the C922 has nearly the same exact mount as the C920 with a bit of a bigger lip that goes over the monitor. This may block some of the screen if your using this webcam with your laptop.

The price is $99.00. But if you have a perfectly working C920 I am not sure that I can say at this point to run out and get the C922. But this is a great bump up from most other Webcams. I am hopeful that Logitech will release drivers for this camera shortly so that we can get the 1080p at 60 frames function out of it.. For now you are stuck at 720p / 30 Frames

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