LG G5 Review

lg-g5The LG G5 Mobile phone I have reviewed from AT&T is an absolute pleasure to hold. Often when I get a mobile phone to review these days I think they should send a protective shell for it. As I feel like I am going to be prone to dropping it. Not the LG G5! The way it fits in my hand gave me a good feeling about the phone from the start. It is hard today with the myriad of phones to really break them out but LG has really went the extra distance to try and make this phone different introducing what I think is the first modular, multi-purpose device.

A few things I can say about the LG G5 Mobile is that the screen is not as bright as some of the models out there, but using it both indoor / outdoor usage specifically the beach here in Hawaii on a sunny day the screen held its own for being able to view it without trouble. I love the power on button which is in the back and double tap screen sleep feature that a lot of the phones are supporting now. The icons on the screen had nice contrast and action on the touch screen was where I would expect it to be. Performance was fine and executed applications fast.

lg-g52The LG G5 is unique though in that it allows for the battery to be pulled out and a LG module plugged in it’s place. Its the first modular phone, I have seen and while I did not get to test any modular accessories it did feel really odd pulling the bottom section of the phone and pulling the battery out. But I suppose you can but another battery pack to slap in. It sure beats having to have it plugged into a external battery when you need a boost.

LG has really rolled the dice here and to date I have not heard of anyone buying additional modules to plugin to the device. Looking at the LG site they do have some cool options that allow you to take your phone to the next level and have a multi-purpose device. But I will admit it’s a bit weird pulling the phone apart. ¬†Overall loved testing the phone and if you are looking to geek out this may be the mobile for you.

Standard Specifications for the mobile courtesy of LG. Head over to AT&T to test one out. You can buy it for $688 or $23.00 a month with a 30 month contract.



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