Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4k – UP3216Q Monitor Review

dellI will start off by saying the Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4k – UP3216Q is the most incredible monitor I have ever reviewed. For the past month I have been using it as my primary desktop monitor connected via the Dell Thunderbolt Dock and a Dell XPS 12 2 in 1.

When I received this monitor, I was a bit apprehensive due to it’s 32 inch size, but as soon as I made some room for it on my desktop, and turned it on I was blown away. Honestly I am astonished every time I sit in front of it has a phenomenal viewing experience. The color clarity, brightness and crispness is simply remarkable.

While this monitor is specifically designed for graphics professionals and delivers accurate, consistent color w/ PremierColor . My wife saw it, and immediately demanded that I order one for her desktop based on just seeing it even before I run it through it’s paces.

In the years I have been doing video / photo editing, I have never felt I needed to color correct. Having a monitor that is color accuraet from the start has given me a new perspective into some of my editing strategies.

You do not have to be a video or photo editor to get tremendous value from this monitor. In my opinion I walk away with less eye stress and also feel that I have a new perspective on website design work etc. I am not going to dive deep on the spec’s Dell does that better than I ever could. You will want to make sure you review the connection options with the monitor, to make sure your computer supports it. Connectivity includes DP, mDP, HDMI (MHL), 4 x USB3 with one charging port, 1 x USB3 upstream, Media Card Reader

Let me say this, if your looking for a new monitor and it’s in your budget it will be a worthy investement to step up to the Dell UltraSharp 32 Ultra HD 4k – UP3216Q.

Disclosure: Dell has provided me this monitor to review, it has been utilized in real world office conditions for the past month.

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