LG V10 Mobile Phone Review

lgv10For the past couple of weeks I have been using the LG V10 as my primary mobile phone on the AT&T Mobile network. In today’s marketplace it is very hard to quantify what one likes about one mobile phone over the other but some very specific things on this phone really makes it stand out.

First of all the camera is simply exceptional. With a rear 16mp and forward 5mp camera I am truly astonished by the color clarity of the pictures it takes. The video recording capability is equally impressive with full 4k UHD.

Our phones literally live in our hands so hand-ability and texture is super important these days. The stainless steel body of the LG guarantees it will provide nice protection to the mobile. The V10 has an exceptional finish, yet the backside of the device has a dimpled nice to the touch texture that guarantees the phone will not slip out of your hand when you are using it one handed, and has a pleasant overall feel.

The LG V10 has a unique double tap screen feature that either wakes the phones screen up, or puts it to sleep. The LG V10 has this nice feature where the very top section of the screen is always lightly illuminated that allows you to see the time, cell signal strength etc. Waking a phone up to see the time has always been annoying LG fixes that.

Battery life was incredible lasting nearly 24 hours in standard use cases of texting, social media, web browsing etc.

An AT&T announcement yesterday is saying the LG V10 will be getting the Android Marshmallow update so this is a big win for those considering the mobile or those that have it already.

Using the mobile with standard social apps, the phone was fast and the AT&T mobile network delivered as expected great speed in data delivery and the pushing of media.

I will say that the LG V10 is by far one of the nicest Android based phones I have ever used and it will be painful to send back. If you are considering a new mobile it would be worth your while to check out the LG V10.  Prices start at around $23.00 a month with contract at AT&T or $699 with qualified service. You will want to visit an AT&T Mobile store or you can shop online today from the AT&T Website.

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