Smart Cooking in the Kitchen with SmartyPans

Smarty Pans logoTracking nutritional information when cooking from a recipe can be difficult as it’s not as easy as looking at the back of the packet to find out how many calories are in 100g. Aside from adding up the constituent values, the cooking process can alter the composition too. If this is a familiar problem, then the Smartpans smart skillet might be the solution. Scott finds out more from Prachi Baxi, CEO and founder of Smartypans.

The solution comprises of two parts, the smart skillet and the complementary app, which communicates with the pan via Bluetooth. The clever bit is that the pan includes temperature and weight sensors, simplifying the cooking process as weights can be measured on the fly; the chef enters the food, such as chicken, into the app as it’s being added to the pan. The pan measures the weight of chicken being added, passes that to the app which then calculates calories and other nutritional information, adding that to the total for the meal.

The cooking processes can follow two different paths. The app can guide the inexperienced pot-stirrer through the recipe, directing what and when, but for the seasoned chef, the app can follow along and help out only as necessary.

With an expected retail price of US$299, the Smartypan is currently on pre-order for $209. The interview references an Indigogo campaign but that doesn’t seem to have started at time of writing.

Scott Ertz is a software developer and video producer at F5 Live: Refreshing Technology.

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