Panono Panoramic Camera

Panono Camera Ball

Looking like a prop from a sci-fi movie, the Panono panoramic camera holds 36 digital cameras for total panoramic coverage. Best of all, it’s fun; want to take a panorama? Throw it in the air. Don and Todd find out more about the Panono from Jonas Pfeil, CEO and co-founder.

With all 36 cameras engaged in taking an element of the panorama, the Panono has an effective resolution of 108 megapixels, producing high contrast HDR pictures with incredible detail too. In addition to throwing the Panono in the air, photos can be taken manually for the ultimate selfie. Panoramas are viewed on-line or in the companion app within about ten minutes of taking a shot after the software has stitched the images together. If that’s not enough, the images can be viewed through a VR headset for an incredibly immersive experience.

The professional version is available now for US$1499 from Panono with a consumer model expected soon for US$599.

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