SealShield Sky Sanitizes with UV at CES

SealShield Sky 7XiJamie Davies interviews Bradley Whitchurch, CEO of SealShield at CES to see how the company’s latest product keeps mobile devices clean and patients safe from infection.

The SealShield Sky uses ultraviolet light to sanitise mobile devices. Pop the tablet or smartphone in the top of the device and 30 seconds later, out it pops, bug-free and ready for use in hospitals and other medical facilities.

Available now, the 6Xi and 7Xi Sky sanitisers use high intensity, 254 nanometer UVC light, at close proximity of less than 60 thousandths of an inch, to thoroughly disinfect a tablet or smart phone and achieve up to a 6 log reduction in pathogens such as MRSE, VRE, MDR-gram negative, Norovirus and Cdiff.

Jamie Davis is the host of Health Tech Weekly at He is a nurse, paramedic and health journalist.

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