Linksys Brings New Routers and Cable Modems to CES

routerModems and routers have been a part of most home computer networks for over a decade now. They’re so commonplace, we pretty much take them for granted. And while most of the modems and routers we get from our ISP’s or big-box retail shops work fine, there are definitely alternatives. Long-time networking products manufacturer Linksys brought some of its latest modems and routers to CES 2016.

The two new high speed cable modems (CM3008 8X4 and the CM3024 24X8) include DOCSIS 3.0 standard technology and are planned to be compatible with all major cable service providers. The two new modem routers include a Wireless AC1900 Router (CG7500) and a modem which carries the same DOCSIS 3.0 channel bonding features as the CM3024 and a Dual-Band Wireless AC Router and ADSL/VDSL Modem (X6200). These new modem routers provide a cable modem or DSL modem and a router all-in-one for a seamless wireless broadband networking experience.

Linksys is also launching two new cable modems, the CM3008 which is ideal for subscribers that purchase broadband plans up to 100 Mbps and the CM3024 which is for subscriptions over 100Mbps. Linksys is also launching a Cable Modem + Wireless Router all in one – the CG7500 that will provide wireless networking speeds of wireless AC1900 and a 24×8 cable modem that will support broadband packages of 100 Mpbs +.

The Linksys CM3008 DOCSIS 3.0 8X4 Cable Modem delivers high-speed broadband connectivity to your home and office with download speeds up to 343 Mbps and upload speeds up to 120 Mbps. The Gigabit Ethernet port provides high-speed network performance, while DOCSIS 3.0 support ensures you can connect directly to your existing cable broadband service.

Planned to be certified with all major cable broadband providers, the CM3008 allows users to save on monthly modem fees from their provider. It comes equipped with a variety of features that let you get the most out of your broadband speeds. The Linksys CM3008 is ideal for users that purchase 100 Mbps or lower broadband packages from their service provider.

Pricing starts at $69.99 and goes up to $249.99. These Linksys devices will reach the market between March of 2016 and summer of 2016.