The Most Comprehensive Chart of Spaceships Ever!

Spaceship chart sampleOne of my favorite things on the Internet is this chart, created by DeviantART user DirkLoechel. The chart contains a large selection of spaceships from a multitude of different science-fiction themed TV, movie, and video game franchises. The chart itself measures in at a whopping 4268×6890 pixels and it gives one “real-world” meter to each pixel, allowing you to get an idea of just how large different ships are in comparison to each other.

For example, the U.S.S. Enterprise from the original Star Trek TV show measures in at 289 meters, which feels like a pretty impressive number. But compared to the 15,000-meter long Imperial Star Dreadnaught from Star Wars, the Enterprise seems miniscule.

The chart also provides interesting comparison opportunities such as the original 1978 Galactica vs. the 2003 version. To really put things into perspective, the International Space Station, coming in at a scant 100 meters, is shown at the top of the chart. If humanity is ever going to truly build the spacecraft of our sci-fi dreams, we’ve got a lot long way to go!