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xpsOver the past 5 weeks I have been using a Dell XPS exclusively. This in part was a challenge by the Dell team. For years I have always purchased laptops with large foot-prints. I was beyond upset when Apple cacnceled the 17 inch MacBook Pro and for the past 2-3 years have used 17 inch Windows based latop.

So I was highly skeptical when I received the 13 inch Dell XPS that the transition would go well. Not only has the transition to this laptop went well for daily use but the way I travel. Here is the list game changers with this laptop.

  • QHD Display Screen Resolution 3200 x 1800
  • Footprint
  • Keyboard & Trackpad
  • Power Supply
  • Battery Life 11+ Hours

Lets talk about each of the items on my list. The 13.3 Quad HD+ display has 5.7 million pixels (that’s over 4.4 million more than the MBA 13 with HD+)  The 13.3 inch screen border from the lid edge is incredibly narrow, and is how Dell was able to put a 13 inch screen within a 11 inch laptop footprint. The 3200 x 1800 screen resolution is simply mind blowing.

The keyboard and mouse have great response and is one of the biggest selling features for me. I am quite picky about my keyboards and I have found the XPS keyboard and trackpad a delight to use.

The power supply for the XPS is simply no bigger than most cell phone chagers its tiny and unlike most laptops that require a brick. This power supply is tiny in comparisson to most laptop power supplies.

The battery life of the XPS is simply incredible. I have been using the XPS on a regular basis for 8-9 hours daily off the power supply and still have plenty of battery charge to spare. Dell says you can get 11 hrs on QHD+ with up to 7 additional hours with the Dell Power Companion

I am not sure how they do it to be honest with you. You have this beautiful bright screen and great performance with the 5th Generation Intel Core Processor and yet the battery life is unparalled with any laptop I have ever used.

I have used the XPS continously over the past five week and it has exceded all my expectations. At this point I feel my transition to a smaller footprint laptop complete, and I look forward to using this laptop for the forceable future. I highly recommend the Dell XPS 13 to anyone considering a new laptop.

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Note: Dell Provided the Dell XPS 13 for my review. Like any product reviewed at Geek News Central the product has been used as noted in the review.

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One thought on “Dell XPS Transition

  1. Hi Todd, I think of replacing my laptop, that I also use as my main device at home. I have been reluctant to move to a newer computer that does not have any USB2 ports. I seem to have too many devices here that need a USB2 port. I have an external USB wifi antenna, a Lexicon Alpha audio interface, and my (keyboard and mouse) wireless transmitter receiver. Although I see this movement to USB3 only computers, I am not seeing these other interface devices being released.

    Are you hearing anything from others regarding USB2 and USB3 incompatibilities and how people work around as they move to newer products?

    It seems these days I am one computer person, (no smartphone), where I am used only maintain one computer. It almost seems I would need a desktop at home and use a newer laptop only when I am out and about. Seems it takes enough just maintaining one computer. I can’t imagine how you manage with the number you have and manage the data so that you can access it when you need it.

    Would love to hear more stories from a road warrior when it comes to being mobile, syncing data, and being able to find what you want when you need it.

    I did see one of the Dell xps 13 laptops with that new high resolution screen. I was impressed myself. It made all of the other ones look old from a design point of view.

    All the best to you.


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